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#1 – my first week in (mostly) uncharted waters

my first post, eek!

i tried starting a sewing blog on tumblr but i don’t think many people use it, so now i’m trying to figure this out. can we mention ‘other’ blogs?  i don’t know blog code.

i bought my first “good” sewing machine last week, i was a bit apprehensive about buying one because the last time i tried anything to do with one, i just got very angry and gave up.  the machine i bought 18 months ago was a john lewis mini, and i bought it because it was cheap and i didn’t know if i would like making clothes.  it kept getting jammed, it only had one pedal speed which made everything more difficult and it really put me off.  

however since then i have had a change of heart.  i have lots of fabric; it seemed a waste not to try again, so i bought myself a janome 525s, and i am so glad i did!  it was the best one i was willing to pay for, i wasn’t bothered at all about having anything computerised and i think my one pre-requisit was that it should have a one step button hole, which this does!  an invisible zipper foot is definitely on my ‘to buy’ list, as well as another one, but i can’t remember what it was now, story of my life.


the new love of my life

this weekend i made myself a sorbetto top, the free one from the colette website.  I had a metre of amy butler fabric i got in the sale at hobbycraft (it’s the worst place for fabric, don’t go there unless you’re desperate!), so i printed and cut out my pattern and manage to squeeze the top out, there was probably only 1mm in it!   i think the fact i cut my material on a different day really helped my mind set; i didn’t feel rushed when i was making it because i started fresh with all my materials ready, bias binding to hand and sewing machine all set up.

i found the top really easy to sew, there’s only two pieces of fabric!  it’s got two darts and a box pleat, which i managed to put on the inside at first, but i had it unpicked and re-sewn in no time (shout out to my unpicker!)

i’m in between on pattern sizing, my hips are much wider compared to my bust, so i cut a size 12 on the pattern sheet and just went with it.  today when i had it on, my glamorous assistant (my mother) pinned it in under the arms for me, so now it’s more fitted at the top and looks better too.  unfortunately my hair was too gross for me to want to take a picture after i refitted it slightly, so here is a picture of it before the changes, i am so happy with it (i skipped around the house a bit afterwards!).

this is me looking pretty awkward.  
if i wasn’t such a wonky stand-er, 
i’m sure my sewing would look a bit more symetrical!

i hope the excitement i felt when i finished it doesn’t wear off after making more things!

next on my sewing table is the hawthorn dress, again by colette.  i’ve got to go and get some bias binding at some point in the week, i’ve got 4 metres of fabric which i got from the rag market in birmingham for £2 a metre!  £2!  that place is amazing.  i also need buttons – i LOVE buttons.  the pattern said it’s an intermediate difficulty so i’ll probably regret trying it, but hey, i can only try. 

i’m planning on my next post being full of pretty bias binding and buttons!  are they the two best things in the world?!

i apologise for my lack of capital letters.  i love punctuation and spelling but i just can’t be bothered with the shift key when i’m not at work!


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