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“these things take practice, rach” – the colette hawthorn dress.

hawthorn dress by colette 
1) i am happy with this dress 
2) i was not happy with myself when i was making it 
my big problem is fitting; when will i learn to cut the size 8 top and 12 bottom?! i really want to go on a fitting/adjustment type class but i can't find one available around where i live.

anyway, the dress.  
i picked this cotton from the rag market in birmingham, it's a ten minute drive from my house and one of the best places to buy fabric in birmingham. it was £2 a metre and i bought 4 because i hadn't decided if i was making sleeves or not. 
i bought white bias binding for the inside of the sleeves. i didn't want to go too nautical on it, so i chose these cute mocha brown buttons with white polka dots. i used white thread to pick out the colour of the dots, i think it looks nice without being too 'sailor'!  
i chose to cut and construct my paper pattern over a couple of evenings in the week, i work late/go to the gym so i was trying to fit bits in whenever i could. 
i cut the material out on Saturday morning, and ironed all the interfacing on to the right parts, then spent all day(ish) Sunday putting it all together.  
about 5 minutes in i made my first mistake, and didn't realise until about an hour in. i sewed the left front piece on the wrong way. instead of putting the wrong sides together, i put wrong side to right side. i noticed AFTER i had attached the collar. not during, when it didn't like up, not during, when my stay stitching had suddenly disappeared, after i had sewn the collar. 
so after several profanities and my mom telling me "these things take practise, rach" i unpicked the collar, and re-sewed the front piece on correctly. actually i did it wrong for a second time; i forgot to turn it inside out before i sewed the shoulder on. FML. more profanities, more of my mom telling me that it's a learning curve, then i actually put it together properly.  
everything else went pretty smoothy from that point on! i had some fitting issues with the top as i mentioned earlier, but that is due to my lack of confidence with pattern grading.  next project will be made properly, smaller top half, larger bottom half!
i bought some labels to go in things i make.  yes, lame.  but i am way excited about them!


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