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my extended absence explained…

well, i have the best news to share…
i have finished the crochet blankets for my cousin.  
nothing feels better than getting to type that sentence!  
i have been working on them since december, so you’re probably getting the gist of how fed up i was doing them.  
so here, the finished products…
my parent’s carpet looks like such a weird colour – that’s artificial lighting and an iPhone camera for you…
the pattern is from craftsy and was quite clear to follow, the only bit i struggled with was the border, but i went to a crochet lesson at a little farm about 20 mins from my house (SO CUTE!) and the lady there explained it perfectly!
because of time constraints, i chose to omit most of the monkeys, personally i like it more with just one.  i put them on opposite sides so my cousin knows which blanket belongs to which of her sons.
here’s a close up of a monkey!
they’re made of 77 individual hexagons, with a border all the way round.  i was doing a whole hexagon, then moving on to the next one, but it wasn’t really very productive.  i tried doing the middle of a few first, then doing the next row on all of them… so on and so forth.  it felt much quicker doing it like this, but i might just have been deceiving myself!
i am so pleased that they’re finished, now i can move onto making my deer and doe dress, yay sureau! 

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