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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

sureau dress – deer and doe

i’m super excited about writing this – i have loved making this dress!
i first saw the sureau dress on google AGES ago, and bought the pattern maybe two months ago.  i bought the fabric to make it with at the sewing for pleasure show at the NEC in birmingham in march, and since i finished those stupid blankets, i had the time this weekend to get some good sewing time in! 
i struggled on picking fabric.  i always do.  i’m never sure if i should go for the cute quirky pattern, a safe plain fabric, or just pick little flowers and end up looking like a little old lady.  i went for little old lady flowers in this light cotton.

i went for little flowers, and vintage-y looking buttons.
i took this opportunity to use my carbon paper and tracing wheel.  i bought the tracing wheel at the craft show too!  i got the carbon paper from amazon, i think it was about £2.50 for a pack which i was quite happy with!
here goes nothing…
i’m not sure how well they photographed, but here’s my carbon paper markings!  i love this tracing wheel!
my dressmaking experience is pretty much zero to nil, so i was dreading trying the gathers a bit.  a lot.  whatever.  but honestly, they weren’t too bad!  there’s gathers in the front, either side of the button placket, the skirt (front and back) and the sleeves.  
here’s me doing the skirt gathers…


some of the gathers either side of the placket along with my buttons.  i really love these buttons, my boyfriend tells me that they look like something his grandma would have on her clothes.  but i love his grandma, so i think that’s fine!
i’d never inserted any sleeves either, so that was another hurdle to get over.  not taking into account the fact i’d never put sleeves in before, they were gathered too, so i just tried to take my time.  i might have youtubed it. my mom was trying to help me, but i think she was the reason i put it in wrong the first time because she was watching me! is parental sewing pressure a real thing?! i caught a huuuge part of the sleeve in the machine, it was so awful!  however, some steady unpicking happened (i love that seam ripper!) and left the sleeves for the next day.
sleeve inserted properly second time round, with some gathers.

i’m really happy with how nicely the seams are finished, i used a ‘special stitch’ on my machine, it’s pretty much blanket stitch.  personally, i don’t like how zig zag stitch looks to tidy up seams and seeing as i don’t have an overlocker, this will have to do!

some of my finished seams/edges.  i think this might be the facing.
so here’s some pictures of the dress all done..!
crashing my parent’s bedroom for some classy mirror snaps..
as you can see, i changed the arms.  i haven’t changed the pattern of anything before!  i had made the full sleeves, as per the pattern, but i didn’t love them.  because of the lack of shape, i felt like they made me really frumpy.  so i just snipped them off!  i obviously re-hemmed them too.  i really like this little short sleeve that came from my chopping!
my mom takes THE most unflattering photos in the world, which is why i have cropped my head off. the sleeves look wonky, but i think it’s shadow!

putting this one in, just for the comedy value.
i love that the skirt is full, but not massive like a circle skirt tends to be.
on the hanger, back in my own room.

finished with one of my labels!
overall, i had such a good time making this, i took my time (because i had too much alcohol the night before?  never!) and it worked out nicer than i expected it too.  it’s definitely the best fitting this i have made so far, and i’m planning on wearing it to work tomorrow! 


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