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dinosaur dungarees, a teeny sewing space and planning a trip to london…

i love these little dungarees!

i made them for my nephew, can’t wait to see him in them.  bonus points of being an aunty – all the joy of sewing baby clothes and having cuddles but without all the responsibility of round the clock child care!

the pattern is from the great british sewing bee – sew your own wardrobe.  i omitted the side buttons.  i couldn’t work out how to the seams of the button bit in all honesty, but he is so small that i don’t think they’re needed.  

the cotton i chose to make them in just did NOT want to press.  i have no idea what kind of cotton it is, but it must be some sort of mix.  usually i just press the seams before i sew them, i hate pins, but i absolutely had to use pins for this because the fabric just didn’t stay put.

my dad always complains that i take over the living room with my sewing, so i thought while i have a little project i’ll try sewing in a little space!

this is the bay window of my bedroom.  my desk fits in there nicely, but i had to do some squishing to get the iron and ironing board in too.  it involved a lot of clambering over my bed for sustenance breaks. mmm chocolate biscuits.

compared to the patterns i’ve followed before, i don’t think the instructions in the GBSB book were massively detailed (for this project anyway). however, i’m really happy with the way they turned out. here’s some pictures of the details.

button and button hole

while we’re on the subject of button holes – ARGH.  my sewing machine just would NOT do the second button hole.  i re-threaded the machine in case that was the problem, tried doing lots of different stitches on a scrap material, even tried and successfully completed a successful button hole on the scrap, but had to do the damn thing 3 TIMES before it would do properly.  i hated it.  can you tell?  anyway… more pictures.


this is probably the “truest to colour” picture of the green fabric


it was the first time i had made bias binding, i found out that my guillotine blade is on a ruler which is exactly two inches wide, which is the perfect size for the bias binding!  best thing i have discovered ever.  

i’m very proud of my topstitching on these dungarees.  probably the neatest i have managed to do!

i’ve just booked train tickets to london to go fabric shopping for the day!  my plans are starting with goldhawk road and then i’ll see what else i have time for.  my mom has volunteered to come with me (i was going to go on my own, but i suppose i need someone to say “ooooh look at this!” to).  i’m going on 10th May, i’m going to book the monday off work so i can start on some sewing!

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