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two posts in the same night?!

two posts in the same night, it’s a bit extreme.  however, i am SUPER excited about all things sewing, and seeing as no one else I know feels the same passion for sewing as i do, i’m putting it all on the internet as you do.

i’ve just been on a bit of an ebay binge.

after booking train tickets to go to london in a couple of weeks for fabric shopping, i needed to decide on a couple of patterns that i want to make, so i’m not just buying fabric aimlessly.  so with that in mind, i’ve decided to make the tania culottes and the archer shirt.

i’m really excited about both, but mostly the archer shirt.  i’ve got a plaid button up/down (who knows?!) shirt from new look that i wear ALL the time.  i’m sad when i don’t have it on.  so i’m going to look at the shape of this (i may be wearing it now…) and use the archer pattern to try and make myself another one similar to this.  i’m going to try and make it in plaid too – BIG DEAL.  i’ve never made a shirt, or worked with plaid, so i’m going to get it done all in one go!

with these things in mind, i’ve bought some things on ebay to “help me” not because i wanted them…

a walking foot.  i’m sorry janome, i’m not paying £45+ for an official one.
i bought this one for £8.99.


some twin needles.  i just wanted these, there’s no point in me pretending
i’m going to use them for the culottes or shirt.

here’s where i think things get EXCITING.  i’m not going to put buttons on my archer.  i’ve fallen out with my button hole funtion on my sewing machine.  and i just LOVE poppers.   i don’t mean those stupid “drug” things.  press studs.  poppers.  they’re so much fun to pop and un pop!  (i’m delirious with excitement, apologies).

so i have bought myself a tool for putting poppers in things! it was less than £7!

my dreeeeaaaaam shirt is a denim one with pearl poppers, so i bought 50.  haha, 50.  i’m sure i’ll use them all.  i’ll probably put some on my plaid archer, and then i’ll make a light denim one too, because i can.

i got all these things for around £30, i LOVE ebay!


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