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I had a bit of a rubbish night last night in terms of making things!

I’m knitting the robin jumper after seeing it on foursquarewalls. I love the style, it’s just like a ready to wear one I was going to buy last year (but didn’t, it was around £45, too much for knitwear!).
I’d knitted the neckline, and done the first stripe, then realised I had gone wrong.
the striping is supposed to be four rows and somehow I had 5 on one side of the jumper and 4 on the other!  my mom (patron saint of all helping while I’m making things) helped me figure out where I had gone wrong – right after the neckline finished 🙁
I had to undo it all the way back to the rib for the neck, it was rubbish. even my dad was sad for me!
while I was at work, the plaid brushed cotton that I’ve ordered to make my archer shirt arrived, exciting times! I got 3 metres (hopefully allowing enough for pattern matching…) and it is SO SOFT AND DREAMY. it’s going to be like wearing PJ’s all the time – yay!
I’d already printed the PDF pattern and cut the tiles, so thought I had plenty of time to tape the tiles together and cut my fabric…
oh no. I did not. I taped the pattern, cut the size I wanted and then thought about pattern matching on the plaid. I followed a really good blog (I’ll link to it when I’m on my laptop later) about using pins when you’ve folded your fabric in half. I spent the majority of my evening pinning the fabric so the plaid matches, I haven’t even finished.
I know it will be worth it when I’ve got a beautifully symmetrical, perfectly matching plaid shirt (hopefully!) but I am so demoralised by last night’s undoing and pinning with no actual progress!
we’ve got a long bank holiday weekend so I’m hoping tonight I can finish pinning my fabric, and maybe cut out the actual pattern pieces tomorrow.  send help, gods of making things!

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