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fabric shopping in london

after hearing all the hype about goldhawk road’s fabric shops, I decided to take a trip to the capital to see what it was all about.

I mentioned to my mom (patron saint of sewing help) that I was going to go down, and she decided to come too. I’m glad she did, it was nice to have someone to say “ooo I love this!” to.
I wasn’t disappointed! there’s about ten different shops (maybe more!) all on the one street. they are all as packed out with fabric as this…
some of them are much neater than this, but I got some cath kidston-esque fabric from this one. if the bags had the name of the shops on I could tell you which it was, but the man in the shop shouted “we use recycled bags; save the planet!” at me, haha. it’s a car garage’s bag by the looks of it..!
I decided I wanted to buy fabric to make the tania culottes and the reglisse deer and doe dress.  I bought this:
the peach with polka dots is my fave, it’s so drapey and lovely, £5 a metre! I bought 3. it’s for the reglisse.
the paisley in the middle is for the culottes, and I think I might make another sorbetto with the flowers, try and get the fit right.
I bought 3 metres of each, all for less than £6 a metre, so I spent less than £50, which I was surprised at!
we had some time to kill before the train home, so I made my mom trek to regent street so I could go to liberty and croon over the £22 a metre fabric. I didn’t take a picture of the fabric because I didn’t think the liberty staff would approve! however I did take a picture of the outside…
and the inside from the bottom floor!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of all the buttons though.  (I embarrassed myself by dropping several tubes on the floor..)

I was going to have a day of sewing tomorrow as my boyfriend is playing somewhere far away with his american football team, but I think I’m going to be too hungover, haha.
I think goldhawk road is definitely worth a trip if you want to have a mooch round, I was really surprised by the amount of suit/shirt fabric lots of the shops had.  bit disappointed there wasn’t more patterned viscose, but that is what the internet is for, after all!
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