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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

archer appreciation (but in may, not december)

i’m late to all the sewing parties because i haven’t been doing this whole making my own clothes thing long.  i’ve been mooching through blogs and seeing all the amazing archer shirts that were made during the sew along, i felt very left out and decided to make one immediately!
i downloaded and printed my pattern from Grainline Studios, and set about finding fabric to make it with.
i wanted a plaid shirt, really soft like pyjamas, so i went for a plaid brushed cotton from a site called Calico Laine.  it was reasonably priced, i got 3 metres for about £19 with delivery.  i also really wanted to put pearly poppers (or press studs, depending on where you’re from!) on it, as all my favourite RTW shirts i see in shops (but never buy because they’re too expensive!) have pearl/white poppers.  and i hate doing button holes on my sewing machine, but whatever.
so here’s the plaid fabric i bought…
as you can see, i’ve started pinning it together to match the pattern.  i’d never worked with patterned fabric before, so i googled for help (as always) and found this wonderful tutorial from sewaholic.  it took a LONG time for me to pin it all – 3 metres of the stuff!  i did it for an hour or so each night after work for three nights.  then finished it on a saturday morning when i started sewing the shirt.

my knee is under here making it all weird.  but look – so many pins!

i have got a plaid RTW shirt from new look with buttons which i wear all the time.  i love the fit of it, it’s quite long so you could wear it with leggings or with jeans/shorts if it was open.  with the length in mind, i lengthened the archer by 2 inches. i wanted a casual shirt, so i left out all the interfacing so it has stayed nice and soft.  the fabric is relatively thick anyway, so the collar is standing up pretty nicely… dare i say it, better than the RWT i based it on?!

i drew around the pattern pieces with chalk, then cut them with my scissors.  my carbon wheel has seized up for some reason, i think this is just as good sometimes anyway.

oh, dreamy top stitching.
i re-cut my pocked as it didn’t match.  then i matched it – LIKE A BOSS.
the strange white line that looks like chalk is sunlight coming through the blinds.
here’s the sleeve being inserted.  it’s actually one of my favourite things to do after doing this and the sureau a couple of weeks ago!
i followed the sew along more than the instructions.  the sew along made it easier to do it step by step and gave me goals to aim towards, baby steps and all that.  
i couldn’t understand why the fronts of the shirt were longer than the back when the yoke was sewn on to the back, but then my mom made me look at the picture – the yoke comes forward onto the front of the shirt, this explained it.  clever mother.
the only thing that REALLY annoyed me was that i managed to eff up matching the side seams, wah. it doesn’t look too bad because the black lines match.  i’m not so annoyed now, but at the time, i was furious.
anyway, here’s some pictures of myself getting a bit overexcited.
i like it with shorts, but these are a bit big 🙁

jeans are definitely what i would wear it with on a regular day.

my yolk and sleeve setting.
i love it done up too!
sleeve, pleats and popper.  unfortunately the popper is reflecting the light like a bitch!
i 100% should have ironed this before taking a flat picture.
anyway, i wanted to demonstrate my matching all the way across, and through the pocket!

i love this shirt.  like really love it.  i never want to take it off!

thanks grainline for such an awesome pattern!

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“archer appreciation (but in may, not december)”
  • thank you! 🙂 hopefully I'll make the denim one in the next couple of months, I've got a dress and some culottes cut ready to be sewn up next! it's such a good pattern, I would definitely have the sew along handy, I found it really useful! x

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