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reglisse dress and a walking foot

well this dress has been a couple of weeks in the making…
i planned to finish it across a saturday and sunday, but then i got shall we say, rather inebriated two weekends in a row and just didn’t have any sewing energy left in me on the sundays!  
i bought the fabric for this while i was in london a couple of weeks ago.  it’s the perfect drape for this dress, nice and floaty!  although SO see-through, you can see my tattoos through it, cringe!
i bought a walking foot specifically to make this dress with this shiny fabric.  i managed to get one from ebay for £29.  i really didn’t want to pay £50 direct from janome, so i took a bit of a gamble that it would fit/was real, but all was good and it worked AMAZINGLY.  
all my polka dots stayed lined up (which was a good job beacuse it took me ages to pin them all in place!)
the fabric was so delicate that i couldn’t finish the hems with my overlocker foot like i normally do, it crumbled and really stretched out.  so i reached for my grandma’s old pinking shears, and pinked away!
my mom said that it looked a bit baggy on the back, so i graded the back seam.  i wish i hadn’t a bit though because i think it’s supposed to be looser.  never mind, i’ll make it again anyway.
here’s a walking foot shot. i love that thing man.
i struggled with the bias binding on the neckline.  i’m not really sure why but i just couldn’t get it to sit right.  never mind.  it looks so uneven!  i’m hoping once it’s had a wash and a proper press that everything will look tidier.
i’m not sure the colour of the fabric suits me, i’m so pale!  i’m going on holiday in a week so maybe i’ll get tanned and the dress will look a bit better!
LOOK AT ALL THE FABRIC.  YAY CIRCLE!  i feel so swishy!
i love the deer and doe patterns.  they are so easy to follow and so simple to read, i love the packaging and everything about them.
yay sewing!



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