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tania culottes

this is a new experience for me – I finished these in about 3 hours, and I didn’t make any mistakes! I actually didn’t use my seam ripper!  I’m overly delighted I actually read the instructions properly haha.

I’m not sure the fabric is drapey enough for the culottes, but that said I didn’t pre wash the fabric (I KNOW UGH) so they might slack off a bit after a wash.
here’s a sewing shot. this is the only one because there’s not too much inside to take pictures of haha.

here’s me before work this morning. I wish that it wasn’t raining/wasn’t dark so I could have had a non-bedroom picture taken!

here’s a close up of the fabric…
it’s like a mini paisley, I really like it!
all the fabric!
drapey but not quite drapey enough.
meh, they’ll do for work!
apologies for the awful mirror shots and the state of my room, my boyfriends things don’t have anywhere to live in my room where they’re in a cupboard!

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