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caravan craft

hiiiiii everyone. I’ve been on holiday, yay! 
not that there was a blog absence, because I don’t blog too much haha.
I went away with my boyfriend, James. we were supposed to go to turkey but after because of a massive balls up at the passport office (THANKS GOVERNMENT) with lots of stress/lots of tears from me/arguing from me/angry rages from me, we didn’t get James’s passport in time and we couldn’t go abroad 🙁 here’s something even more annoying – it arrived ON THE DAY we were supposed to fly, even though we were told it wouldn’t be ready, argh. 
anyway, this isn’t the place to vent my anger at the passport office, my hefty complaint letter will be that place…
so instead, a family friend very kindly let us use his caravan for the week in wales. it was like a little home from home! it’s a static caravan so nothing too shitty haha. and because wales is renowned for it’s rain, I went prepared with things to make!
I refrained from taking my sewing machine (only because I don’t have any WIP haha) and instead took the jumper I’m knitting, a couple of cross stitches and I bought a crochet magazine because there was a pattern to make an alpaca. how could I refuse this cute front cover?!
I didn’t take any yarn to make the alpaca so I found the nearest yarn shop (in a place we were going to visit anyway!) and bought some to make one with!
that’s all of the alpaca pieces. I came home today and did the stuffing and sewing, and I hate his stupid face. I didn’t put the eyes on right AT ALL.
i’m giving him to my best friend because she likes him haha.
I’m pleased that I managed to finish a cross stitch I had going for a while! it’s a gorjuss one, called puddles of love.

I took a before and after outlining shot because I love the difference the out line makes!

there’s a colour difference because it was still day light before I outlined, I stayed up late because I was determined to finish it haha.
finally I worked on my jumper. I wish I could say I finished it, but I didn’t. the sun did come out some of the time!
this is an “I’m so proud of my tension” shot haha. nothing too in depth about knitting the jumper, I’ll save that post for when I’ve finished it!
so my week off was pretty productive. I don’t want anyone to think I neglected spending time with James – he took his playstation haha!
happy hols!

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