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clemence skirt – love at first stitch

like everyone else in the sewing world, I bought myself a copy of Tilly’s love at first stitch a couple of weeks ago. I saw the clémence skirt and knew I wanted to make it. 
now I’m back from my hols I need something to sew (obviously!) so decided to make the clémence skirt to wear out for my other half’s birthday meal on Friday. 
I took a trip to Barry’s fabric in Birmingham (it’s only 10 mins from my house, and there is SO much fabric), because as well as needed fabric for my skirt, I’ve also booked onto a sewing day at Lauren’s shop! she was on the first series of the great british sewing bee, her shop is in moseley which is about 20 mins from my house. I bought this cotton poplin for my blouse making day… 
I bought a black in the same cotton poplin to hopefully make a Peter Pan collar with, and also for bias binding. 
also look what else I bought…
SO SWIRLY AND PRETTY. I have no idea what I’ll make with it yet, but I love it. 
anyway! back to the clémence skirt. 
as first I was unfolding the pattern sheets and was baffled – then I read the book (duhhhh) and it’s a self drafted pattern! I freaked out! had to do some measuring (hello extra inch on my waist from holiday eating…) and bravely started cutting… 
I picked a chambray that is pretty much the same that tilly uses in the book. I like blue, lots will go with it and obviously I already know it looks good from the pictures in the book! 
I’ve never done french seams before, I watched a video on YouTube and everything worked out well! the gathers were a bit of a bitch to get even though. 
putting in some gathering stitches… 
gathering… one of my lines of gathers snapped 🙁 however I think that is why you’re supposed to use three, not just two!
one hour and lots of pinning later, here are all the gathers. 
I think they’re okay! I wrapped it round my waist after this was done and it was too big, i think i cut about two inches at least off the width.  
i sustained this injury after scraping my hand along the pins!!!!
i was having a break here, so snapped a candid shot of my skirt waiting to be hemmed haha.
i really messed up the waistband, i don’t understand how the instructions work, i couldn’t follow them.  i just did what i thought was best and ended up with my zip being inside the waistband so it doesn’t do all the way up!  however, i put this super cute button on! 
i enjoyed making this skirt, although the gathers were tricky to get right.
some pictures of the finished skirt then, and outfit stylings.  my mom doesn’t like anything that i put it with, but my dad does.  go figure.
i feel like the skirt gives me a kim kardashian bum.  i feel a bit self consious about my weight at the moment, but when i went out on my bike the other day i managed to twist my foot round and now i can’t exercise to fix my insecurities!  so the gathers are making me feel frumpyyyy.  i think it looks okay.  i don’t know.  mah.
the kim kard-ass doesn’t come across well on pictures haha.  
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“clemence skirt – love at first stitch”
  • thank you! I loved making it, I'm looking forward to seeing yours! 🙂 my heart button isn't on the skirt any more 🙁 it was still a bit big so I decided to take it in and do the waistband properly. however I have lots of colours of the buttons so I'm planning a plain dress with heart buttons down the front, maybe a deer and doe sureau! 🙂

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