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blouse making day at guthrie and ghani

on friday, i went to a blouse making day at guthrie and ghani, the lovely sewing shop ran by lauren from series one of the sewing bee.  it’s in moseley which is the cutest area, and the shop is so lovely.  the workshop area is a really bright spacious place.  there were 6 of us on the course, and the small number of people meant lauren was on hand whenever we needed some guidance.
we made the sorbetto top, by colette patterns.  i’ve made it before, but it was the first thing i ever made.  the fit was completely off on my last one, and it was too short, here it is…
however, i am now pleased to show you my perfect fitting, longer more improved version which i made on friday!
i got the fabric from barry’s in digbeth, it’s a cotton poplin.  i knew i wanted to put a peter pan collar on, so i bought some plain black cotton poplin too.  
lauren showed me how to draft a collar pattern to fit any neckline, which was so valuable, and my other favourite thing i learned was how to make fit adjustments to one side of the garment, then match it up to the other side to make sure they’re the same.  
we didn’t get to finish at the shop as we ran out of time, i just had the bias binding on the sleeves to do, and the bottom hem, so i polished it off when i got home. 
here’s some more pictures!
i’m so pleased with the line of roses going down the middle of the pleat!
i love it!  i wore it to work today with some black trousers and it went down well.  it’s pretty much the only thing i’ve made (clothes making wise) that i’ve put on Facebook.  i don’t like putting things on there about making clothes, i dread the “oo will you make me something?” etc, it’s inevitable, and i’ve decided to be selfish and just make things for me, or when i want to make things for others – but i’ve decided it’s got to be on my terms.  i love dress making and don’t want to turn it into a chore!  
i would definitely go to another lesson at guthrie and ghani.  lauren was so patient and is very knowledgable.  i had a lovely day and came away with one of my favourite handmade garments! 

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