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finished – a stripy colette moneta, a sewing related discovery and a birmingham sewing meet up

hi everyone!
after my success of the first moneta i made the other day, i thought i would make another one!  it’s the first pattern i’ve done that with so far.  probably because it’s so quick to make!
this time i chose a lighter knit fabric from ebay.  the quality isn’t wonderful, but what did i expect for 3 metres for £11 eh.  my thread was cheap too.  it kept snapping.  i was angry.  
i’ve stuck with the wall of my house as the background for my pictures.  what can i say, the brooms add character…
i had a photographer today, james volunteered to take some snaps for me, that’s his contribution to my blog haha ^__^ i am grateful!
i managed to cut and sew this dress in one evening after work, which i’m pretty happy about!  it was my second make in two days.  i also made the plantain shirt from deer and doe in the left over double knit from my first moneta.  i’ll post pictures of that when i’ve found something to wear it with, it’s too close to denim blue to look acceptable with jeans.
the next three pictures are me cringing with embarrassment that james was seeing my lame-o poses.
i’ve got plans for ANOTHER moneta.  i know, i’m a woman obsessed.  the fabric i’ve ordered is so good – IT’S GOT SKULLS ON IT.  i’ve got a bit of a thing for anything skull related.
back to being serious again.  i put a belt on because my waist line stripes are a bit skew-if.  however it does mean i can match my belt with my fave moccosins and be comfy aaaallllll day. 
my rabbit was being nosey again, she’s a softie haha.
in other sewing related news – I HAVE DISCOVERED A GOLD MINE.  
it’s a shop called GUR sewing machines, and it turns out i’ve parked my car when i go to work by this shop for nearly a year, and i didn’t know it was there.  as the name suggests, they sell sewing machines, but also have a haberdashery.  they have a WHOLE ROOM dedicated to buttons and sequins.  HEAVEN.  i took a couple of snaps of one of the rooms.  they left me alone to wander round the show room, it was the best! 
here’s some thread and beads…
more of the one room, they’ve got so much stock.  i’ll be going back (after pay day!) so i will endeavour to take more pictures of everything.  they had all the hemline products, tons of prym, knit pro for knitting, clover for crochet, anything you could ever want!
is anyone planning on coming to the sewing meet up in birmingham?
charlotte from englishgirlathome is organising it.  i’ve signed up to attend, i’m hoping to make some sewing friends, it’s my first blog meet up!  
we’re going to the rag market, fancy silk store and barry’s.  they’re my local fabric shops, barry’s is my fave – then we’re going to guthrie and ghani in the afternoon, yay!  
hope to see some of you there! 🙂

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