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poorly sewing machine

oh internet, I’m full of woe.

my sewing machine is broken 🙁
it keeps shredding the top thread, then because it’s shredding it, the thread keeps snapping!  I can see some thread wrapped round a part inside, took off some of the casing (as much as I dared!) and got some out but there is still a fair bit stuck, I don’t even know how it got trapped there.
now it’s the weekend, and I have no sewing machine! I’m taking it to the repair shop on monday to see what they can do for me.
in the mean time I guess I can do some knitting but it is so hot at the moment I can’t face the wool!
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“poorly sewing machine”
  • I've managed three rows of my jumper in the heat today, but it was too much. a small crochet project might be okay. thanks for the sorrow, I'm lost! taking it to be repaired tomorrow, hopefully won't take too long (or cost too much!)

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