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organising my sewing things…

hello internet!
it was my birthday two days ago (yay!  i’m now the ripe old age of 23) and i got some money from various aunties, uncles and family friends, so i thought it called for some sewing shopping.
i went to my favourite sneaky hidden shop, and picked up a couple of things.  a pink chalk wheel, some thread to make my sew over it 1940’s tea dress (birthday present from my parents!) and then i saw this…
it’s a super big sewing box, like maybe more than a foot long.  and there is SO much room inside.
it was supposed to be £59.99 (which i will tell you non-brits reading, that is quite expensive) but was reduced in the sale to £45, which to be honest i thought was still too much.  the owner of the shop came through to see if we needed anything and we were chatting, then he told me he would do me some more discount on the box – in the end i got the box for £22.99 – which is CHEAP for one so big. 
my boyfriend’s grandparents also bought me the cutest thread box, so after receiving that box and buying this, i decided to try and organise my sewing things..
there’s all the things that needed tidying away…
this is the inside of my new giant box!
i’ve put all my patterns inside this one.
i’ve decided to use this little one for my sewing machine things.  my needles, pins and walking foot go in there.


here’s the box that james’s grandparent’s bought me…


my sister bought me this kirst allsopp sewing box for christmas, this one is storing all my little things like buttons, zips, velcro, elastic and poppers.


it didn’t take me too long to sort out, but my dad did make a few sarcastic comments about how he’s never buying me anything else sewing related!!
my sewing machine has been fixed for nearly two weeks now, and i still haven’t made anything for myself 🙁
i’ve actually been making bunting for my cousin’s friend’s wedding.  it’s all mint green and peach coloured, i made about 8 strings of 3m long(ish).  i’m hoping there will be pictures taken of it at the wedding that i can post on here!  the cutting of the fabric took the longest and then pinning it all in a nice order.  the sewing was the quickest part!!
tomorrow i have the day off work and i’m planning on sewing for myself, YAY!  as i mentioned before, my parents bought me the sew over it 1940’s tea dress pattern for my birthday, and some lovely fabric to make it with so i’m going to do that all day and it’s going to be wonderful.
happy sewing!



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