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wedding bunting!

hi everyone!
i’ve been waiting to blog about some bunting that i made for a wedding until i had some pictures of the bunting “in action”.
my cousin’s best friend got married last thursday, and i was asked to make the bunting for the decorations.  oh the pressure!
my cousin bought lots of half metres of different peaches and mint greens with different patterns from ebay.  they were just cottons.  some had little polka dots, big polka dots, swirly flowers, gingham, all kinds of cute things!
my pinking shears are about 40 years old (they were my grandmas) so i had hand cramps for the 4 days/evenings it took for me to cut all the bunting shapes out.  
i don’t know how many triangles there were, but my hand is telling me it was lots.  
i made a template out of baking paper then just drew around it with my chalk pen, but i’m sure that cardboard would have been a better option as it would have been sturdier.
i layer all my pieces out and pinned it to my bias binding.  i wanted to make sure there wasn’t too many of the same colour close together, these were going to be in pictures, i wanted them perfect!!! haha.
i literally just ran a straight stitch along the top, not hard.  i’m annoyed that there’s such a shadow on this picture, but my dad was holding it against the wall so i could take a picture.
i made about 8 strings of bunting, 3 metres-ish long.
here’s some pictures i’ve pinched & cropped from the bride & grooms instagram hashtag! cheeky i know.
on a rubbish note, my sewing machine isn’t working properly still.  i think it’s something with the tension disk.  the company i bought it from (a seller who will remain un-named on amazon) were being a bit funny with me yesterday and telling me it sounds like user error, so it won’t be covered by the warranty.  i only bought it in January, so there’s still a few months left on the janome guarantee.  i kicked up a bit of a fuss and told the lady on the phone that i don’t  understand how she can make that judgement without seeing the machine.  she tried to make me pay to send it back to them, but then i heard her manager in the background telling her to arrange to collect it from me.  i’m waiting for a phone call in the next day or so about it; i’m presuming i’m going to have to put my foot down in order to get anywhere with the warranty.  
i’m a bit upset about it not being here as i went to london at the weekend and bought lots of fabric that i want to sew!  i took the money i was given for my birthday and bought two colours of sweatshirt fabric which i’m going to make the white russian from capital chic.  i’ve cut my pattern out tonight in preparation for sewing!  i also bought a lovely mint/jade green medium/light stretch, my faaaavourite purple i’ve ever seen, and a grey stripe.  i’m probably going make a couple of tshirts out the light knit stuff.  i wanted a double knit for a coco, but i didn’t come across anything in london that i felt was suitable.
the two on the left are the sweatshirt fabrics, then we’ve got my green and purple, then my stripy one!
i hope my sewing machine will be fixed without too much drama, and i’ll be back making things soon.  in the mean time, i’ve got some knitting and cross stitch to be getting on with 🙂



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