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finished! capital chic – white russian

hey everyone!  
i actually have a real garment post to share with you after like a month of not finishing anything!
my sewing machine has been out of action because it keeps shredding the top thread.  i’m not sure why.  after some help on instagram, it’s been suggested there might be a problem with the bobbin.  i’ve made sure a million times that everything is okay with it and yesterday when i made this sweatshirt it seemed alright!  the thread only snapped twice instead of the multiple times it normally does, so i can deal with that.  maybe. 
i’ve wanted to make a sweatshirt for ages, and as i bought some perfect fabric in london, white russian by capital chic was the perfect pattern for the perfect fabric!  
the pattern has so many options for customising, but seeing as i have never done any appliqué or quilting, i wanted to keep the sweatshirt simple seeing as it was my first one. 
here it is!  it’s the first time that i’ve graded a pattern between sizes.  i think i cut the 14 for my hips, and graded down to a 10 for my sleeves/bust/shoulders etc.    it worked out better than i hoped for – all the pieces still went together so i’m going to call it a success!
this is my go-to outfit for a casual kind of day (all kinds of days in my opinion haha).  jeans and vans, with some sort of grey jumper.  i love grey and jumpers.  
i made my dad take the pictures for me today.  literally as i stepped outside the sun came out, and now the pictures look ridiculous because i’m squinting from the sun, but those good old british rain clouds are lurking in the background!
also, this is my new hair colour.  it looks like some sort of bubblegum pink here, but i swear it’s lilac haha!
the construction was easy.  i’m talking, this could probably be the first thing someone who has never sewn before kind of easy.  i had cut the fabric and finished sewing it within two hours, and that’s only because i have a sewing related injury (more on that later…).
the only thing i had issues with was the neck band.  the first one i cut was a bit too short, so i cut a new one but now i think it might be a bit long because it doesn’t lie flat, you can see a bit in the first picture.  i think this might be because the fabric has very little stretch, it’s VERY thick.  but that’s okay, because i love it.  SO WARM AND TOASTY. 
i thought the instructions and diagrams with the pattern were very clear!  i know it’s not the most complicated garment, but i had no head scratching moments.  
i added a row of stitches along the neck band and waist band to keep the seam allowances flat, but it also added a fancy decorative top stitch that i feel pretty happy with!  i couldn’t get it around my wrist bands because i couldn’t get my cuffs around the cuff part on my machine.  that’s okay though, i don’t mind!
i’ve got some dark green sweatshirt fabric ready to make a second one, because it’s my fave.  next time i’m going to make it a couple of inches longer in the body, and maybe make the next size up all over, just so i’ve got one for lounge wear, because i love to lounge!
i would definitely buy another pattern from capital chic, i’ve got my eye on the bellini blouse next!  it would definitely be nice for work.
now i’ve got a warning to share with you all about the dangers of sewing (dum dum duuuuummmm).  i don’t know when, but i obviously dropped a sewing machine needle on the floor in my living room, and it was waiting for me, sharp end up.  i managed to tread on it, it went in to my big toe and snapped.  part of the needle (nearly an inch long…!) stayed inside my toe.  i actually had to have surgery to get it removed!    i’m glad it was me that stepped on it and not someone else in my family otherwise i would have felt the ultimate guilt!!
i’ll save you the picture of the cut and stitches.  JUST BE CAREFUL!
it’s much better now, i’m getting the stitches out in a week so now i have a ridiculous story to go along with a gnarly scar.   god bless the NHS.
safe sewing everyone!
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