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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

finished! deer and doe – datura blouse

here is my datura blouse, in the best fabric everrrrr.


for my birthday i had a voucher for guthrie and ghani.  i knew i wanted some liberty fabric but hadn’t really had time to go over and have a proper mooch around.  then lauren posted a picture of the new season liberty stuff, and i spied KEVIN.  yep, that is genuinely the name of this fabric!  we were made for each other.




it’s a beautiful mixture of grey, lilac, white and pink, with the pictures being all the different star signs.


i went to buy the fabric after work on friday with my friend from work.  she was going to do overtime, but i persuaded her to come and spend some money with me instead of making it!  she bought some lovely dark brown jersey with white polka dots to make a moneta with.  i can’t wait to see that!


i didn’t really know what pattern i was going to use with kevin (lololol) until we were mooching through all the example garments that lauren has got sewn up at the back of the shop.  she had a lovely datura made up, and i knew that was what kevin was made for!


the pattern has a fully lined yoke for which i chose a dark purple fabric, a silk/cotton mixure which feels AMAZING.  the girls in the shop were very patient with me while i mithered around for ages.



the cutting was nerve-wracking.  every time i closed the scissors and cut into it, i felt like i was just cutting money up because liberty fabric is just overly expensive.  in hind sight i should have bought more than i did of the plain purple because getting all of the yoke pieces out was SUCH a stretch.  i couldn’t have come closer to not having enough.


i chose to lengthen the front and back pieces by 3 inches.  i like my tops longer, and this way i can wear it with leggings and it will still cover my derrière and preserve my modesty.  i also went for the peter pan collar, because i love them.




i almost forgot to cut the bias binding strips because i was so concerned about space-saving so i didn’t make too much waste of kevin.  it was the first time i’ve used my bias binding makers – i love them!  it was a bit fiddly feeding the fabric strip in, but i teased it through with a pin and it was okay.


this was my “i need to keep my binding folded, what can i use?!” solution, a pen haha.  you know what, it actually worked really well!!!  after my panicking about not having enough of kevin, i’ve actually got about a metre left, YAY!  who knows what that will become!


the construction of the blouse went better than i expected it to!  i’d read online that the yoke was a bit of a head scratcher, so i was prepared to be flummoxed.  i was looking at a sew-along that went up a couple of weeks ago, but in all honesty i didn’t find that it cleared much up for me.  i persevered though and the way the yoke comes together is really clever; it’s something that i would feel much more confident doing a second/third time.


my collar doesn’t meet in the middle, which is pants.  i’ll use less of a seam allowance on it next time.


the most annoying thing that happened was that i thought i sewed the back pieces on back to front, so i unpicked it, but then once i unpicked it i realised it was right all along haha.  SO annoying.


i sewing my front & back pieces to the front/back of the yoke, leaving the inside of the yoke as instructed.  when it came to folding the inside of the yoke and top stitching it down from the front, i missed about an inch by one of the underarms. i’ve hand stitched it, you can’t tell from the outside, so as long as no one pins me down and examines my arm pits, i’ll be fine.


i’m going to show off my hand tacking now, because it’s the neatest ever and all that happened was that it got taken out.  it can now live forever on the internet.
i made self-cover buttons to match the yolk to go down the back pieces.  


i also decided to sew the two back pieces together.  i want to wear this to work and i didn’t think it was too work-appropriate with the back pieces flapping around.  i still put buttons on, because i like them as a feature.  i can’t imagine they’re going to be comfortable if i’m sitting on a hard back chair, but there you go, these are the things we must suffer for lovely clothes.


here’s some pictures of the finished blouse! 
the wind was trying to blow my collar away here haha.
here’s how i wore it to work today. yay for cardigans!  
the purple has come out of my hair so i apologise for this white/pink thing that’s going on.
please excuse my bum.  it’s not the smallest haha.
i’m so glad this turned out right!  it was such a relief i didn’t do anything wrong.  my other half told me that if anything did go wrong then he would buy me some more fabric, which was reassuring!  who knows if he really would have, i didn’t want to test that theory!


i’ll end my ramblings here, with a picture i took just as a bug flew at me.




happy sewing! 🙂



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