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coco, a new autumn favourite.

today, i have something cute (in my unbiased opinion!) to share with you, my coco!
i bought my fabric from minerva crafts, they sent fantastic email updates (and tweets!) and the fabric was here within a couple of days of ordering it.  in all honesty, the green looks like a much brighter green on the website, but i still like it.  bit more autumnal that i anticipated.
i’m not sure i have much to say about the construction of this top!  i used a size 3 for the bust/sleeves, grading out to a 4 for the waist and then 5 for my hips.   the top is supposed to be A line, so there’s some swish *insert sass here*.  i was tempted to work off the finished garment measurements, however i don’t think i would have got the desired A shape if i had done that.  
i used clear elastic to stabilise the shoulders, but when i trimmed my seam allowances, i’d cut the elastic out!  i’d love some guidance on that if anyone has any.  
i have lots of pictures of myself wearing this, sorry in advance. 
my jeans look a ridiculous shade of blue here.  
showing off my roots.  i have finally perfected the shade of purple i wanted for my hair, it was FAR too bright on my white russian post!
showing off my A line!  when i make this again (it’s a definite when, not if!) i’m going to make it 2 or 3 inches longer.  i would rather cover my hips up a bit.  but that doesn’t mean i won’t be wearing this version, oh no no.  I LOVE THIS TOP.  the fabric is SO soft and cosy, i could wear it all day!
i’m very proud of my neckline stitching!
coco is super quick to make, i would have timed myself but i took a break/huffed around because my mom’s iron and ironing board wouldn’t fit where i wanted it to go in my room, so i went popped out to the shops to buy myself a nice iron and little ironing board.
here is my sewing space, with my little ironing board and iron!  annoying that there are so many wires around.  i have named the iron sir steam-a-lot as he is STEAMY.   
look at how well my iron and sewing machine co-ordinate!
i decided to leave the pocket off.  i couldn’t find a place where it looked nice on me.  i think on the hanger it looks kinda plain, but on and accessorised, i feel it’s a staple plain wardrobe piece!  
i’m going to order some navy blue ponte knit this week, for a dress version with 3/4 length sleeves i think!  i can feel myself becoming a coco super fan! 
guess what it is so nearly time for?  SEW BRUM!
i’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!  the prizes that charlotte has managed to get are incredible, is there a limit on how many raffle tickets we are allowed to buy?!  
i’m going to bring my camera and take an annoying amount of pictures, not sorry at all! 
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“coco, a new autumn favourite.”
  • it was lovely to meet you too! i had so much fun. found a red & black buffalo check fabric i've been looking for for a LONG time, so it was a great day for me! glad you had a good time too! 🙂 definitely need to do it again! x

  • Hiya! Firstly your blog name is awesome!
    Secondly with your shoulder seam elastic just sew it further in. It might help to mark the seam line, then leave a couple of mm before you sew in the elastic (you don't want to sew over it). Then when you trim the seams, trim alongside the elastic and voila!
    See you soon for mini meetup fun!

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