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two cocos and a white russian

the title of this post sounds like some awful joke is about to be told… 
sorry to let you down,  no jokes here.
in fact, what i have to show you is my most productive week ever in terms of sewing.  not even a full week, six days, i’m giving myself credit where credit is due!
i’ve made two versions of tilly’s coco and another capital chic white russian.
i got all my fabric from minerva crafts, who have been my go to fabric shop online recently.
so here are my makes!
coco number one!  
i felt and still feel like this looks a tiny bit like curtain fabric, but it is actually a ponte knit.  i thought the pattern was smaller when i bought it, but what can you do.  all fabric shops online should have pictures with the scale of patterns!  or maybe i should look for them…
i wanted short sleeves, so i just drew a line across the sleeve pattern and hoped for the best.  hey presto, a short sleeve.
for my next coco, i used a mid-grey ponte knit again.  this time i wanted to jazz the plain fabric up, so i turned my hand to appliqué and put this heart on!
it’s definitely not the neatest appliqué i have ever seen, but i’m happy with it.  it was my first go!  i’ll be trying some more i think!  i wondered whether to put a matching one on the other side, but the general consensus on instagram was keep it as one.  i can’t begin to think how i would try and match it up anyway! haha.
my final makeeee….
another capital chic white russian!  this time in a speckle-y dark grey.
this time i lengthened the bodice by three inches, again so i can wear it with leggings, it covers by my derrière (a bit, probably not enough!)
i’m quite proud of my seam matching on my cuffs!  we just won’t look too closely at the waistband, okay? haha.
this leaves me with a choice – WHICH DO I WEAR TOMORROW?!
it’s the sewbrum meet up and i’m just flummoxed.  humph.  i thought this indecision only happened with RTW clothes, but now i’m building up a handmade wardrobe i’m finding it’s just the fact that i’m a picky girl.  who knew!
looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! 🙂
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