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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

musing about advancing my sewing skill set…

this is a text heavy post, it’s mostly me thinking outloud, so read at your own peril.
i’ve been sewing seriously since january.  i bought myself a “real” sewing machine, a janome 525s, and haven’t really looked back.  
i starting sewing things i’d seen on other people’s blogs that i liked.  for instance, the colette hawthorne dress; i look at that now and i hate it, it doesn’t fit me in the slightest haha.  maybe i’ll remake it one day!
then i made the deer and doe sureau dress, which i love and still wear on occasion.
i think i was initially guilty of seeing things i like and try to make them, rather than trying to develop any new sort of skills that go along with making.  i’m not saying that i think what i’ve been doing is wrong, because i knew so little about sewing and constructing garments before that everything i made was a learning curve.  
another thing i’ve been consciously trying to do is make things that i will actually wear as wardrobe regulars. my coco’s have gone down a storm for work wear.  they’re cute enough for me, as well as being sensible enough for the office (boo for sensible!).  the plaid archer that i made is the same, but in a casual outfit – it’s a garment that i would buy from a shop, and have done before i started sewing.  that RTW shirt has since ripped – long live the handmade shirt!
“does this post have any point?” i hear you say!  well, today i bought an overlocker from lidl, and it’s got me thinking about things i would like to make and skills that i think i need.  
i don’t know how to line anything.  like nothing at all.  i really want to make a pair of winter tania culottes, but they will need lining to stop them sticking to my tights. 
i have never made a pair of trousers, and don’t know how to fit them (especially when it comes to my sizeable bum).
these are the kinds of things i need to teach myself and have a go at.
so without further ado, my sewing goals to achieve within the next 6 months are…


  • learn how to line things
  • make a pair of trousers
  • make a pair of shorts
  • learn how to sew a fly zipper
  • sew a men’s shirt (james will gain a shirt from this list!)
  • make a blouse for work
my final one is a big one…
  • sew a pattern using one of the “big four” sewing patterns
i think it’s amazing that there are so many indie pattern companies i’ve managed to be sewing for 10 months without actually using any patterns from simplicity, new look etc…
this will change when i made three bridesmaid dresses for James’s aunty’s wedding next year, but more on that another time eh..!
i would also like to make it a goal to keep in touch and meet up regularly with people i met at sew brum.  if you ever fancy a fabric shopping trip, hit me up!  i am happy to get a train to wherever 🙂
has anyone else got any sewing goals or things you want to learn?  
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“musing about advancing my sewing skill set…”
  • Our goals are quite similar actually.
    I started with a great idea – to learn one or two new "things" with each project. Then I kind of went flying off the rails and started making piles of crap clothes. So my biggest battle right now is perfecting what I already know – getting neater, getting a good fit, finishing seams so that they're lovely, etc. At the same time I also want to try my hand at trousers, and shirts too. Thanks for posting this, enjoy reading about people's experience of sewing and learning, as well as actual makes!

  • it's scary to think about but i think it's an essential!

    i have no idea what a blog hop is, i'm such a n00b haha. let me know more details on instagram/twitter! my twitter is @rachel_wain 🙂

  • i'm glad you enjoyed it, i had visions of everyone rolling their eyes at my rambling haha. i think it's important to get back on track sometimes – at least if other people know my goals i'll feel like i'll have to stick to them haha!

    it's definitely a good idea perfecting things, at least you know you've got that skill down to a fine art and you're good to move on to different projects.

    we should get some shirt/blouse fabric on the 8th!

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