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blog hop!

hey everyone!
i’ve been nominated by mel at made by melanie to take part in the blog hop – thanks mel!
so without further ado…
why do you write?
i started my blog so i had somewhere to display my makes in an effort to “keep me on track”.  i’ve got a habit of getting involved in hobbies and makes then i just forget about them.  or i’m wracked with guilt about not finishing it, so i just try to forget.  i didn’t want sewing to be like that!  
i also like writing in general (read between the lines here – i like to talk).  by having a sewing/making blog, i know that people will be interested in reading about it because they want to know about what someone else is making, rather than me talking my boyfriend to death about seam allowances and fit issues.  at least online if i’m talking too much you can just scroll down and look at pictures!  
i feel like it really helps keep my enthusiasm up for things and i really enjoy it!
what are you working on?
gah, i’m ashamed of this list.


  • a scarf for james.  i blogged about it way back when, but it was too wide and not long enough.  so i found (actually accidenlty found!) another ball of the wool, so i decided to unravel it all and start again.  i’m really close to finishing it!
  • a robin jumper.  after seeing andrea’s on four square walls, i thought it was 100% my kind of jumper.  my sister had bought me some knitting needles for christmas so i already had those!  so i bought some wool and started on my entrepid adventure into making my first jumper.  i’m about 1/4 of the way through the body!  it’s slow progress but it’s okay.  i kinda thought i would finish it within like 3 months but whatever.
sewing (half finished):
  • a sew over it 1940’s tea dress.  i can’t explain how much i love this dress but hate myself so much while making it; mainly because it didn’t go right the first time i so i’ve thrown a bit of a strop.  i started making it in august after my parent’s bought me the pattern and fabric for my birthday.   i had some fitting issues because i was too scared to grade between sizes and now i have a bodice that is too big.  i know i’m going to have to unpick the skirt and take the bodice in piece by piece but the thought of it just makes me feel sad!  i need to finish it by the start of december as it’s my garment of choice for my work christmas party so i’m hoping by having a deadline i’ll be spurred on.
sewing (got the fabric but haven’t started):
  • a moneta made with the fabric left over from the coco’s.  i’m thinking that i’ll go for the plain light grey top and the dark flowery bottom.
  • a grainline studio archer in the red and black buffalo check i got from the rag market. 
  • a style arc simone cardigan with the green wool i got from the rag market.  i might leave the pockets because the fabric is a bit stiff.
  • a navy blue coco with the fabric i got from barry’s.  this one is actually going to be a bit of a reproduction of a RTW dress i already have.  i’m thinking about using the peter pan collar variation from the moneta collar downloads to put a peter pan collar on there in black, with black pockets to match.
patterns i like and i have no fabric for:
  • i really REALLY want to make the pick your pockets skirt from lauren’s learn to sew book.  i love her book and that pattern is screaming cute winter wool skirt to me.  i’ll need to line it because i only wear tights (seriously, no bare legs, ever) so that will help tick off one of my sewing goals.
how does your blog differ from others of its genre?
i don’t think it’s massively different from other sewing blogs in all honesty!  it’s hard to do something new and original when the things other people make are SO COOL.  i just want to make everything. 
my aim is just to write about what i like and hope others are interested.  i don’t want to make it sound pretentious in any way and i hope that my personality comes across as i waffle on!
how does your writing process work?
i try and write straight after i’ve sewn so i don’t forget anything that i thought during the sewing/making process.  james said i should write as i go along, which i like the sound of.  i might start making notes/bullet points in case there is something that escapes me.  when i finish making things sometimes i forget bits that didn’t go so well, or places where i made a mistake. 
in the end i just hope that my enthusiasm for making things comes across and that people like to read what i write! 
now for my nomination… i’m going to nominate meg from mookhat, because she’s new to sewing and she’s one of my new sewing friends from sew brum!
my dad just asked me what i’m writing and i tried to explain to him about the blog hop, and he said “so it’s kind of like the ice bucket challenge?”  hmm.. we’ll leave it as that then! haha.
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