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finished – my second archer

hello everyone!
I’m proud to introduce you to my second version of grainline studio’s archer button down shirt.
i love this shirt.  as you can see, i’ve lengthened it considerably from the pattern pieces.  i wanted it to be long so it would be suitable to wear with leggings.  
I bought my fabric from the rag market during sewbrum. it was £3 a metre and I bought three metres of it, so I’ve got quite a bit left. no idea what to do with it!  i don’t think anyone was prepared for how over excited i was when i found this stuff, i’ve been DESPERATE for red and black buffalo check.  
I took my time to make sure the check all matched up with nice straight lines and a perfect black stripe down the middle fold.  you can tell I got a bit over enthusiastic with the pattern matching.   I got so into pattern matching that I was out at a gig last week and a guy in front of me had a check shirt on.  his collar didn’t match down the middle of his shirt and i had to think really hard about how i had cut mine because i started panicking it wasn’t right lol!
you’ll have to take my word for the collar matching up because my hair is covering the collar.  like a fool i forgot to move it!
i decided to cut my pocket on the bias so it stood out a bit more.   you can see that it’s not perfectly straight when lying flat, when it’s on it’s okay.  tricky to get straight on the bias!
the fabric was definitely a bit more fiddly than i anticipated.  it moved around quite a lot; it’s very loosely woven.  which meant fraying.  oh so much fraying.  
the worst part was when i had to unpick a bit on the collar stand, then when i resewed it i was almost sewing with nothing.  i don’t know whether i should have overlocked everything before i started sewing, or given in and used interfacing.  i don’t have anything against interfacing, i just wanted a slouchy shirt.  
i’m really happy that my button hole function on my sewing machine played ball, it seemed to be my friend!  i did ten in total with the cuffs, and i didn’t hate one of them. YAY.
i used buttons from my stash (WHUT) so i didn’t spend any more than £9 on this shirt seeing as i already had the pattern.  wonderful!
ooo i overlocked my side and sleeve seams!  this is the first garment i’ve used my overlocker on!   so here’s an “insides” pictures…
this was under my sewing table.  i felt like i was driving a car haha.
(the black patch on my carpet is where i dropped black nail varnish once, my mom was not happy about that..)
anyway, i’m really proud of this shirt.  i’m going to wear it all autumn!  as you can see from the leaves on the ground in my pictures it’s definitely getting more autumnal, it’s my favourite time of year! time for scarves, big coats and hot chocolate!
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