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learn to sew with lauren – the simple top

hello everyonnneeee.
i’ve had a bit of a frustrating sew-ing less weekend.  although i had a lovely day with a few people fabric shopping on saturday, there’s nothing like getting to use the fabric you bought!  i was knitting my jumper mostly and it just was NOT as satisfying as sewing, there’s no finishing knitting a jumper in a day. *sad face*
i bought this peacock feather print cotton from the fancy silk store.  i’ve said before, it’s not my favourite shop and i don’t think that it’s the best place that birmingham has to offer, but it did have this so whatever i’m happy haha.


i was going to make a sorbetto blouse, the free one from colette, but i’ve made it a couple of times, so i picked the simple top from lauren guthrie’s book; learn to sew with lauren.
this top is similar to the sorbetto, just sans the pleat down the front.  i think with a busy print like this, it’s best that i didn’t have the pleat in.  i went with a size 12 for the bust and waist, grading out to a 14 at the hips.  in hind sight, i could have done with cutting a 10 at the bust, 12 at the waist and 14 at the hips.


the back is a tad big, as is the front across my bust, like a bit gapey.  i’ve seen an adjustment you can make when cutting out the pattern where you literally cut it a bit skew-if to take some of the middle excess out.  *technical explanation!*
it took me a little longer than i would have liked to make as i had some pre-made bias binding, but it was too wide.  i re-ironed it and took the folds in so it was narrower.  
i lowered the neckline slightly as it was higher than what i usually go for, mainly because i don’t like clothes touching the bottom of my neck, makes me feel all suffocated!
i’m glad i made it so the binding was on show, as i think it goes with more.  this is what i’m going to wear to work tomorrow in fact!
i think this is definitely a good pattern to get the fit perfect on, and i would like to try and make one in a drapier fabric, because i think it would look nicer tucked in if there was a little less stiffness in the fabric.  however, for an evening’s work and about £6 (i’ve got a metre left over) i’m really pleased with it! 
this is the out take of the pictures, me being overly smiley haha.  my mom gets some mom points for taking my pictures for me tonight.  it’s so horrible having to take pictures inside with a severe lack of natural light!!
i would definitely recommend this for a first make, and something quick and satisying for a couple of hour’s work if you know what you’re doing! 🙂
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