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holiday moneta!

bonjour everyone!
today i present to you my favourite example of pattern placement to date; my 3rd moneta!
i made this dress last weekend when we went to visit my boyfriend’s grandparents.  i’d told his grandma about my overlocker and she asked me to take it with me for a sewing lesson, best ever!
it’s safe to say, she now wants an overlocker!
i bought this fabric a couple of weekends ago when i went fabric shopping with a few people that missed out on sew brum and also alex who went to sew brum too.  it’s nice to meet up again and also meet some new people in a smaller environment, think we definitely had a longer mooch round the rag market this time!
it was only £2 per metre.  2 bloody pound.  marvellous, i bought 2.5 metres, and i’m glad i did!
the pattern has these big squares of print mixed with little more intricate details, and i really didn’t want the big squares on the bodice of the dress, i didn’t feel like it was delicate enough.   i cut the skirt pieces so they had the same pattern repeat on; one whole big square in the middle of the skirt then two of the same at the bottom, kind of following the shape of the skirt.
due to the pattern repeat being quite large, i found i was leaving gaps of about 4 or 5 inches between the pieces of the pattern i was cutting out, eek!
i cut the front bodice out on the same fold as i had done for the skirt pieces, and then due to a lack of fabric, cut the back bodice by making a different fold but making sure the pattern was the same.  i’m pleased to say it worked perfectly and i had enough fabric!
even though this dress is for my holiday and i’m going somewhere warm, i’m not really one for sleeveless things, so i put the short sleeves on.  i squeezed the sleeves out of fabric next to one of the skirt pieces, and managed to get this perfect symmetry and on both of them with the pattern.  so proud of these sleeves!
i tried to use the cotton elastic to gather the waist as some times i find that the clear elastic is a bit itchy, but the cotton stuff just didn’t have enough stretch.  i used the clear elastic and then overlocked all the way round it so i can’t feel it.
i had a little accident with the overlocker where i managed to cut a hole in the bodice!  however i didn’t throw my toys out the pram too much (mainly because i didn’t want james’s grandma to see me FLIP OUT WITH ALL THE ANGER) and hand sewed it up, now no one can see it and i’m not going to start pointing it out to people! haha.
i’m going to quite happy swanning around in sunny florida wearing this!   i’ve got an aztec black and white print ear-marked for the same pattern because i know they’re going to be nice to wander round in and just chuck on when we’re in a rush to get to DISNEYLAND! haha.
outtake of the morning:  my impatient “james are you ready to take my picture yet?” face
happy sunday!
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“holiday moneta!”
  • 😀 thanks i'm so pleased with it! if i make friends with my sewing machine again, i'll do the aztec one next weekend maybe. we've fallen out because the top thread keeps snapping again 🙁

  • I think this dress looks great and good on you for not dropping a bag of swear words around your Grandma-in-law! Did you find adding the elastic to the waist difficult? That's what is putting me off sewing this dress.

  • thank you! not dropping the swear words was more difficult than putting in the elastic haha. it's not easy, but only because it's quite fiddly. the pattern has you mark the elastic up with the quarters/mid points of your skirt, so as long as you keep that lined up, and remember to pull the elastic evenly from front to back it should be okay. I feel like a video of that long explanation would make more sense haha.

  • haha, thanks amy! it's not massive but it was enough to almost ruin it. more annoying because everything had gone so well up to that point! never mind eh. i'll never make that mistake again!

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