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something a little bit different…

hi friends!  
it’s been a while.  to be honest, i haven’t felt much like sewing, which is pants.  
i was having some thread snapping problems with my sewing machine again, so i just gave up for a bit.
never fear, i’ve still been making things!  christmas craft more than anything, which i’ve been posting on instagram.  my username is @rach_wain if you want to have a mooch! 🙂
anyway, today my dad and i had a day of making something that i am pretty proud of!
here are our supplies.  POWER TOOLS.  now can you see why i had fun?  
i saw some reindeers made out of logs on pinterest, and seeing as my dad has a massive log store (he’s got a log burner but never uses it!) i asked him if we could make one.  it didn’t take much persuasion because he’s as mad as me.
we started by picking the appropriate sized logs, and drilling holes in the head and body so we could fit the legs and neck on.
action shot of me with the drill.  i can’t believe i didn’t drill through my hand.
here’s my dad chopping some legs to size.
dad then chiselled the tops of the legs and both ends of the neck to fit in the holes i had drilled.
 i cut the end off a smaller log and chiselled it down to make a nose, screwed some screws in for the eyes and put the branches in some holes that i had drilled….
et voila!  
one happy reindeer!
my mom is not impressed that he lives in the house, but he would go all soggy and damp outside!  this is england after all, we have lots of rain.
seeing as our surname is wain, we’re calling him the wain-deer.
i love him!  best thing that my dad and i have ever done! ^___^
i’m sure i’ll be back to sewing blogging soon!



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