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grainline studios alder shirt dress

hi all!
today i present to you the area in front of my bedroom as my photoshoot location.  my parents are in the living room where my usual blank wall is… selfish!
i’m mainly here showing off my alder shirt dress though!  it’s by grainline studios, the same wonderful people who bought us the archer shirt, one of my other favourite patterns.
the dress is made with this sevenberry double gauze cotton which i bought from guthrie and ghani.  my team at work bought me vouchers for the shop for christmas so this is what i used it for!  i haven’t used double gauze before, but it’s nice to work with!  it washed really nicely and came out so soft, it’s lovely to iron and it holds creases (like for the darts) really well.  i haven’t had the dress on much so i don’t know how much it will crease in a day’s wear.   i might wear it with a long sleeve top and tight to work tomorrow to suss it out.
i think that because it’s a bit shapeless it makes me look a bit bottom heavy.  however i don’t think it’s too bad, definitely not enough to put me off wearing it!
i used more buttons than the pattern called for, mainly because i’m paranoid about the button band bulging out in booby places.  i put the dress on without the buttons and pinned the places around my chest i definitely want to stay shut!  then i just measured the distance between the pins and marked where i needed the buttons, every 2 and a half inches as it turned out. 
i bought a quilting foot/stitch in the ditch foot for my sewing machine a while ago, it’s got this little lip that you line up with the edge of the fabric, in this case, the edge of the button band.  if you move your needle over to the left a bit and sew, you’ve got a perfectly straight stitching line, reaaaallllly close to the edge!  i don’t know about anyone else but i couldn’t stitch this close with a normal foot.  i think it was amy from almond rock who mentioned it on her blog/some sort of social media, it was definitely worth getting so thanks, amy!
i also sewing my button holes horizontally rather than vertically.  i found it easier to get them level and the same distance apart this way, although now i realise that it gives the buttons more room to wiggle over towards the edge of the button band, which in return means that the button bands don’t line up, gah!
i had annoying issues with the collar on this, i’ve never really had problems with the archers that i’ve made so i don’t know why it happened with this!  it’s not noticeable to anyone else and no one will examine it too closely, i hope!   it’s only on the inside anyway. 
the only other annoying thing that happened while i was making it was that i had to unpick one of the pockets as it was quite a bit lower than the other one, god knows how i managed that but it’s all sewn on now, with the TINIEST bit of thread to spare!  i still don’t think they’re bang on, but again, it’s fine! however, so obsessed with this stitching! <3
i definitely recommend this pattern, it’s nice and simple to follow and i think a bit more challenging (with the collar) for someone looking to venture into something new.  the sew along is also really useful!
happy sewing everyone! 🙂
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