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maritime shorts – grainline studio

hey everyone… I MADE SOME SHORTS.
i made these out of a cheap cotton i bought from the rag market (might have been £2 a metre) and used black cotton i already had for the pockets to pick up the outline of the flowers.  
i was hoping these would be a wearable muslin and was trying to prepare myself for them not fitting first time round.  i’d never made any shorts/trousers before, i didn’t know what kind of fitting issues i may have.

turns out, these fit me really well without any modification!
i cut the size 12, and although there is a bit of excess round my waist, maybe an inch or so, i won’t be changing anything on my next pair because i don’t want them to dig in or be uncomfortable when i sit down.  
i think the black pockets will help me match them up to black cardigans which no doubt i will be wearing with them.  i love a cardigan.  here i feel like they match quite well with my little flip flops.
i think they look nice with my shirt tucked in or out.
i had a couple of head scratching moments, the first being those pockets.  aside from the fact i’ve never made real “bottom half wear” before, i’ve never actually put pockets in anything, even though i love them.  
in this pattern, it’s not just one whole back piece for the pockets that you sew to the pocket lining, there’s a bit that is basically the part you see when you’ve got the shorts on…
…this bit!  
you have to sew a concave and convex seam together and i just couldn’t get my tiny mind around it.  then i saw there was a link to some tips about sewing these anti-curves (just made that up, probably my new favourite not-real-terminology) in the instructions, so i followed that and merrily continued pinning until it resembled the pocket.  
i guess this is so you can use different fabric on that part to your lining.   a silky pocket lining would be nice but i didn’t have anything suitable.
the colours are so off on this picture, no matter how i tried editing i couldn’t get them right!
the fly zip was a head scratcher too, but only because i’d never done one before.  it turned out MUCH better than i had hoped for, i didn’t have to unpick it once, woohoo!
of course it would have been easier and faster if i’d used a long basting stitch where the instructions said to instead of using stitch length 2…
i digress.  must do more reading ahead next time.
better colours.  the pictures were literally taken 2 mins apart.
i think the sun had gone in on the one above!
i’m definitely, definitely making a second pair of these, plans are in the works already.  i’m going to use the left over anchor fabric from my alder shirtdress and then maybe put bias binding around the bottoms in white to make them all the more nautical.  i’m going to use a button instead of a hook and eye closure too.   it’s a bit too fiddly!  i might even make a denim pair!
i feel like these were a really great starting point into sewing trousers/bottom wear, and would tell anyone who wants to try a few different techniques to try this!  plus it’s only an 18 page PDF, a manageable amount! 
thanks for readinggggg! 🙂
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