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shopping in london again

hi friends!
today i’m showing off my purchases from my third trip to goldhawk road, with a little bit of walthamstow thrown in.

i went with one of my friends from work who is also way into sewing.  i’d heard lots about walthamstow and the man outside sainsburys so we went to check him out first. 
he had lots of fabric but not looaaadssss that i loved.  however i think i did buy the cutest wool ever from him for only £6 per metre…
i really love this!  i’ve been planning on making a lined garment for a while now, so i’m going to go for the delphine skirt from tilly’s book.  i’m also going to try and use this tutorial to do it!
being wool, this would stick to tights a CRAZY amount, so i really have no choice but to line it!  one of the little shops on the side of the market had some lining fabric – for £1!  so i bought this silvery white colour to go with the little dots. 
 i think they match quite nicely!
i’m a massive fan of tilly’s coco pattern (you may have guessed before now if you’ve read my previous posts…)  so i bought this really nice wine coloured jersey from said man outside sainsburys too.  i think it was about £2.50 a metre. 
we then made the absolute trek across london to get to goldhawk road.  i tell you it was a flipping trek because some MAJOR tube routes were under maintenance.  on a saturday!  come on tfl…
anyway.  we decided to stop for some lunch wherever we had to get off the tube, and it just so happens it was at kings cross.  
i can’t even tell you how happy this picture makes me! haha. i just love harry potter!!!
anyway, after we found our way to goldhawk road, we continued with our shopping!
i got this denim to make some more maritime shorts from…
along with this beaauuuuutiful coloured linen for more shorts!   this was £10 per metre and i think it was worth it.  i only bought one metre though so i’m a bit panicky that i’m not going to have enough.  i’m going to lay my pattern pieces on it later.  
that was actually from a shop that was new!  i can’t remember what it was called! 🙁
i asked the man how long they had been open and he said it had only been a week.  it was so new you could still smell freshly cut and sanded wood from the building work. mmmmm.
i’d like to go back when they’re a bit more settled into the running of the place, it was a bit manic but they had A LOT of choice.

my final purchase was this fabric to make a sweatshirt for my nephew!  he’s one exactly one month today and i’d like to make him something cute.  his name is xander so i’m thinking about appliquéing on a big X on the front!
it’s super soft, and not too thick either so i’m hoping it will be suitable for a one year old!
we could have done with more time there because of the tube closures, we had to miss out about 5 shops, i guess it’s just another excuse to go back. 
i’m off to wash all of this now, happy sewing!


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