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holly jump/playsuit

hi everyone!  
today i’ve got a new pattern to show off (new to me)… the by hand london holly jumpuit!
it’s the first time i’ve made anything using a BHL pattern.  i thought the instructions were really clear and found it all easy enough to follow.
as you can see, i went for the shorts version with the short sleeves.
the fabric was bought with making this in mind, i got it from ebay, i think it was less than £4 per metre.  i bought three metres and have fabric left over. 
if anyone wants it i’m quite happy to send it to you, i don’t have anything i want to make with it!
when i was cutting it out i was a bit in and out of love with the fabric.   like, is it a bit 80’s/90’s?  i don’t know.  however now it’s all made up, i love it.  
i haven’t made much with facings, i like how neat and tidy they are!
i got my purly grey buttons from john lewis, along with my zip…
which is happily inserted!  first time round too!
looking at these pictures it seems like i should have done a sway back adjustment, but i’m not entirely sure how comfortable i would be without that excess, and i’ll probably wear a cardigan with it.
it really does look miles too big on top in these pictures, but it’s not in real life!  or at least it doesn’t feel it…
i tried as best as i could to get the pattern lining up and i think it’s quite even!
the only mega annoyance i had with it was the fact i sewed up the wrong side of the shorts, i had to unpick them so i actually had somewhere to put the zip!  
however the rest of the construction went quite smoothy.  i did it over two days and i’m glad i did because i make lots of mistakes when i’m tired.  
i’m not sure if i would make it again, mainly because i like to make clothes i can wear all the time (can’t see myself strolling around in this in the UK!) but if i did i would size up on the sleeves as they’re a bit tight.  
overall i’m happy with my final garment and i think the weight of my fabric (viscose i think!) works really well for this.
happy sunday!
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