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lilou dress for #thatssewgeorge

Hi everyone!
I’m showing off my Lilou dress today, which is a dress I’ve not made before!
This came around when Char got in touch, asking if I’d like to be involved in a sewing bee type thing making a dress from a duvet.  I said yes straight away!  The company working with George at Asda got in touch, and I picked the duvet I wanted to use for my dress. 
There’s so many cute ones (find them here!) it was hard to decide on, but I settled with this one, as I thought a plain-ish bodice with a skirt with lots of flowers on would look pretty.
If you were making a dress out of a quilt where your pattern wasn’t a problem, you could get two dresses out of one side of the quilt cover, however I used both sides of mine because of the pattern placement.
I’ve never lined anything before, so this has ticked something off my list of “wanting to achieve” this year!  I used a cheap poly-something I got from Walthamstow, and it does make it feel nice to wear.  It frayed like a biatch though.

When I’d sewed the bodice, lining and attached the skirt, I tried it on only to find the arm holes were too small! (I really hate making toiles so I just skipped that part.  I shouldn’t have.)
I unpicked most of it, and took about 5/8thoff under each arm.
Here’s where I need some advice – why do I have the weird drag lines by my arms?  The bodice doesn’t feel too tight, but it’s obviously not right.  I’ve made enquiries at Guthrie and Ghani about going on a fitting course already!  I really struggle with fitting woven bodices, until I get my own house I don’t have room for a mannequin!
I’m pleased with the way the pattern has worked out on the dress, it’s definitely come out like I had envisaged when I picked the quilt, but I’m not over the moon with the fit.  I’ll still wear it to the wedding I plan on wearing it too, but maybe with a little cardigan to skip over those weirdo wrinkles!
I apologise for the appearance of my phone through out the pictures, but it’s the remote for my camera and whenever I put it down, my rabbit kept trying to eat it/sit on it/generally take my attention away from the blogging!
 overall i’m pleased with the dress, i think the pleats fall really nicely and i don’t think anyone would be able to tell it’s a duvet!
happy sewing!
disclaimer: i was provided with two duvets, but all views and opinions are my own honest ones 🙂
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