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astoria jumper

hey guys!
it’s the first day of me made may!  
i remember sitting here last year looking at everyone’s posts, being really impressed that people could ever have made that many clothes!
this year i’m not doing the “pledge”.  the last 6 months i’ve work mostly me-made stuff to work, so i’ll try and wear more me-made things at the weekend.
here’s something to add to my list of handmades… the astoria cropped jumper from the seamwork magazine!
in case you’ve lived under a rock for the last 6 months, seamwork is the magazine that sarai from colette patterns has put out.  it comes with two free patterns every month.  if you live in england it works out as 4 ENGLISH POUNDS!  i have to admit the articles aren’t always to my taste, but it’s worth it for the patterns. 
i bought this fabric from ebay, after searching for “mustard ponte knit”  but looking at it upon it’s arrival, it’s definitely more of a gold colour.  i didn’t think i was going to use it, but the other day i made my friend a skirt from it.  then i saw a few versions of the astoria popping up online, and thought i could at least get a semi-wearable muslin out of it.  
i’m glad i did!
the colour isn’t one i would normally go for, but i like it now it’s sewn up!  i might wear it with my blue moneta as the waist will fall in the right place.  ya know, and be a real colette fan girl.
construction was really simple, i sewed it all on my overlocker with the exception of the topstitching around the waist and neck bands.  
i think my neckband could be stretched out a bit more to make it sit flatter, but i’m not too concerned about it, i don’t think it looks too crazy.  
i’m mostly proud of this because i didn’t make one single mistake!  no unpicking, no swearing, just good old sewing!
i’d like to make a few more, and i’d LOVE to try and hack this into a little crop cardigan.   who am i kidding, i don’t know how to do crazy things like that.  
i’ve got my eyes on this skirt to add to my seamwork makes soon!
i’m off for a few drinks in my new jumper now, so happy sewing!

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