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hi everyone,
my life has been a bit of a no-sew-zone recently and i hate leaving my blog as a “silent” space, so i thought i would update you on some projects i’m hoping to complete when i get back into things again!
i recently had a fabric clear out on instagram and managed to get through quite a bit that was taking up all the room in my sewing cupboard.
i decided i really had to have a clear out after i paid a visit to the rag market.  i found an AMAZING stall which i’ve never seen before!  it was outside, with a lady running it with two metre cuts of so many different fabrics, with a couple of longer bits draped across the top bar at the back.  
i got this beautiful soft jumper knit, ear marked for an oslo cardigan if i can squeeze it out of two metres.  i might have to make it a little shorter than intended.  i really want to use it but i’ve read online that the oslo pattern is 70+ pages to print…!
  i don’t know if the picture is big enough to see the texture, but it’s SUPER nice!
i also got this really nice coloured green knit, for one of the astoria cardigans that i made.  i posted about it on instagram but i know there’s some fine tuning i could do to the order of sewing.  i’m going to make another one and post the steps on here.  at some point.
this picture doesn’t really represent the colour properly, but ya know, iphone camera.  you can tell it’s not right because the colour of the carpet is different in this picture.  wouldn’t fix itself though, no matter what i did!
i also saw 3 metres of this stripe jersey hanging at the back, so had that away too because i want to replace my stripy moneta.  i don’t know if it’s just that i put on weight or whether my fabric shrank, but the original doesn’t fit now! probably a mixture of the two!
i got all this 7 metres of fabric forrrrrrr… £10!  the two metre lengths were only £2 each, and my stripe stuff, which is honestly SUCH good quality, was £6 for three metres.
after my jaunt in the rag market, i struggled down the road to barry’s because i’m planning on making a denim pinafore dress.  i say struggled because i could barely carry the fabric i got from the rag market!
i’m really hoping i can sqeeze a colette laurel out the denim too, with a nice exposed metal zip.  there’s just over 3 metres here because it was the end of the bolt.  it’s a light weight denim which is just what i was looking for, in the perfect colour too.
i think the denim came to just under £30, if i can get two outfits out of it i will be more than happy with that!
i’ve not been lazy while my blog has been quiet; i decided to put some time into knitting my jumper and i’m pleased to say i’ve probably done about another inch and a half.  i’ve been knitting it for a year next month (!) and i’m finding it a bit tedious, i’m so determined i will finish it though!  
i’ve also made the decision to get back to the gym and i’ve had a complete overhaul of my eating, which means giving up fizzy pop.  i can’t explain how hard that is for me, i LOVE coke! 
on a final note, i think i only lasted about 4 days for me made may.  
i lost all enthusiasm for taking pictures of myself.  i’ve probably warn handmade things 75% of may, so i’m quite happy with that.  
hopefully i will get to sewing something soon, but it will be a waistcoat for my nephew as i’ve promised to make one for him to be a paige boy.
happy sewing!  

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