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the sewing silence is over…

i’m yabbering on about an ACTUAL garment i’ve made; i’m as blown away as you are!
i posted a little while ago about not feeling much like making clothes.  a combination of a lack of time (which hasn’t stopped me in the past) a lack of inspiration (although i’ve got some nice fabric waiting to be used!) and just a lack of willpower.
it’s not like i haven’t been making. 
i’ve made so much progress on my cross stitch, it’s looking so beautiful and i’m excited to share the finished product.  maybe another two weeks and it will be done!  we went away to cornwall and i got a lot done of an evening after dinner and also in traffic on the way home.  i’m not putting up a picture of it half finished because i’m weird like that.
i’ve also had some wedding sewing to do for james’s aunty’s wedding.
james’s sisters and i were bridesmaids but the dresses were too long, so i turned up all three.  
james and i at said wedding.
i also made our nephew the cutest little waistcoat for his paige boy duties.  
this was actual the first ever “big four” pattern i’ve used!  it was a simplicity one i believe.  the instructions were strange becuase they’re obviously in a different format to all the indie patterns i’ve used, but it went together nicely and i’m pleased with the final result.
i wanted a proper “wedding” photo of him in it, but i haven’t seen them yet, so my one from the fitting will have to do for you!
so on to the dress i made yesterday!  
it was another colette moneta.  this pattern was my first venture into knits, and i haven’t stopped loving it since i made my first one.  i’ve probably said it before, but this is the exact type of dress i would buy from a shop, so it’s always my go-to pattern when i fancy something cute!
i didn’t take any “actual” pictures with my camera
and tripod cuz ya know, i’m lazy.
i cut it all out without folding it because getting those stripes to line up would have been impossible.  
sewing it up was relatively quick, although i had to re-thread my overlocker before i started.  fiddly!  thank god for tweezers.
i wore the dress out to a hen party last night, here it is in action making some cocktails..
i’d love to say that was intentional but we all know that the majority of sewing is a fluke.  unless my brain secretly knows things that i am not conscious of!
well hopefully i’ll be back making things again next weekend.  i don’t actually have many plans and i’d like it to stay that way, cuz i’ve got some denim and a zip waiting to be turned into a colette laurel!

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