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grainline scout tee

hi everyone!
today i’m showing off my latest favourite make, the grainline scout tee pattern.
i bought a really cute woven tshirt from h&m a couple of weeks ago, and found it filled a wardrobe gap.  what to wear out for dinner that isn’t too casual (jersey tee) and that isn’t too dressy (dresses)… a pretty woven tee!  almost blouse-esque.
i got this fabric from the rag market yesterday.  it was £8 per metre (i didn’t even know the rag market sold anything above £2 per metre haha) but it’s worth it.  a beautifully soft cotton lawn, perfect for warm days.
on my way back home (it’s completely the opposite direction for my house but whatever) i went over to guthrie and ghani where i picked up the pattern.  i avoid pdfs wherever i can! hate all that cutting a taping, but i did make the effort to trace this pattern in case i did the wrong size.
i didn’t want the top to be too baggy because although the fabric is quite floaty, i didn’t feel that it had the right amount of swishy drape needed to pull off baggy-but-dressy, so i based my size on the finished measurements.   
i was worried the sleeves would be too tight but they’re okay.
i would have had this finished in a lot less than the two hours than it took me if the hems and neckline band weren’t so fiddly.  a 1/4″ meaurement for hems?!  i tried hard to get my hems that tiny, but i ended up burning my finger on the steam from my iron, so i went with 3/8″ instead which are fine.  
that’s what the fabric seemed to want to go with.
i bought some really lovely crepe type stuff yesterday from the wonderful lady who sells two metre off cuts for £2, a lovely fawn colour and a length of the same in black.  it’s destined to become two more of these tops as they’re so great!  
that fabric has more drape than this so i’ll get really different looking garments i think.
i also sewed a skirt today but that can wait to be posted til later in the week.  i’m calling it a wearable muslin, but really it’s just too big…
happy sewing!

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