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denim laurel

hi everyone!
i’ve got my birthday dress to show you today, a denim laurel dress.
there’s so much RTW stuff like this around now.  the goal of my sewing is never to look handmade, so i like to reproduce stuff i like that you could buy on the high street, which is what i was aiming for with this dress.
i wanted something new to go out in for my birthday, so ordered a couple of dresses from ASOS (i thought it would be nice to have something pre-made!) but they didn’t fit me.  the problems of having a big bum when your boobs don’t match those proportions!
i’d been dreaming up this dress for a while and had already got the zip and binding, so it was the perfect occasion.
i used this metal zip that i bought from ebay.  it’s actually open ended so i’ve made sure there’s plenty of fabric over the end so it doesn’t come apart!
i’ve used a cute flowery bias binding around the sleeves and neck but didn’t want it to be visible so i turned it all the way under.
my favourite thing about the construction of this whole thing, you ask?  putting the zip in so the top lines up perfectly first time! <3
in my previous version (shrank in the wash, RIP </3) i didn’t put pockets on as the fabric was pretty busy, but because of the plain denim, i went with them this time.
i’m still not absolutely sure on the length of the sleeves, i suppose i can shorten them at a later date if i decide i really don’t like them.
it was so tricky setting in the sleeves on such a thick fabric.  i don’t like the sleeve head shape in this dress, it seems like there’s too much of it.  i’ve read a few people say the same.
i think i’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this without tights at the moment, it’s still warm!  i think it’ll look nice all layered up for autumn too.  time to find some boots to match it!
before i awkwardly end the blog post – thanks for all the birthday wishes on instagram, you guys are le nicest!
happy sewing!
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