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three grainline scout tees

hi everyone! 
i’ve had a week of annual leave and this is the first bit of sewing i’ve had the chance to do so i thought i better make it a full day!
today i’ve made three grainline scout tees.  i made them all in a size 10 this time, with the length of the 18.  
number oneeee
this one is a waffle-type fabric in a nice navy blue colour, with quite a bit of body.
i got it from the rag market for £1!
i really like the way this one turned out because of the weight of the fabric, it’s my favourite.  
number twooooo
a black one this time, in a stretchy crepe kinda fabric
also from the rag market, also for £1!
again i like the shape of this one, and will definitley get a lot of wear out of it.
number threeeeee
a slinky knit from the rag market again.  this is a bit of a funny colour in these pictures, it’s like a stone/fawn colour in real life.  think this was £1 too!

this is my least favourite of the three, but i still like it!
sewing them up in more stretch/knit fabrics was fine, i didn’t encounter any more problems than i did last time.  i just changed the neckline binding, in that i sewed the first bit as per the instructions, but then just folded it over once and top stitched around to finish it off.  
the beige-y one was a bit prone to fraying so i just overlocked the edge that would be raw before i put it on.  
props to amy for telling me about a different method for setting in sleeves because i flipping hate all that gathering!!!  just keep pinning at all the half way points between your pins until it’s all smooth.
short and sweet for today, basics are boring to blog about but so useful in real life!  
hopefully over the weekend i’ll be making up a couple of tshirts, only i can’t decide whether to go for the renfrew or plantain!
see you soooooooon.
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