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hi everyone!
i’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks because i recently bought these…

they’re clover’s amour crochet hooks.
i bought them with some birthday money after lusting after them for a couple of years.  i read about them on all about ami, knew they were supposed to be super nice, but mainly wanted them for how colourful they are.  yes, i am that fickle.   
it was seeing the wonderful things on all about ami that made me learn how to crochet and two years on from learning i still haven’t made this damn cute dragon!
i didn’t want to pay the £50 the hooks are up for in most places, so i did some ebay-ing and found them, new, for £36!  i thought that was a bit more reasonable considering there’s 9 of them.  it works out as £4 each; out of the pack they’re about £8/£9 per hook!
so i haven’t just been staring at these pretty hooks for two weeks; i’ve been making.  
(sorry for the towel backdrop – everywhere else kept giving me shadows!!)
first off, i made this rabbit.  she’s been half finished for a while but the thought of using the new hooks tempted me into finishing one of my UFOs.  the pattern is from the edwards menagerie book, and i used some fancy alpaca wool from the toft alpaca shop.
the second thing i made was this TINY baymax.
i can’t cope with how cute he is.  i bought the pattern from etsy, and you can find it here.
then the last thing i finished was this giant flipping whale.
i found the book that he’s from in costco, but here’s a link a kindle version of the book.  the author has written some other cute ones too!  he’s supposed to be all grey, but i had all these colour scraps left, so i thought, hey – multiwhale!
so after using my hooks for these three projects, what did i think?
well, they’re nice.  super nice. I like the wider grip and the smooth handle.  the colours are lovely, but I can’t say I know which colours relate to which size hook yet!
i wouldn’t rush out and buy them if you’re only just learning  to crochet – the £5 complete sets you can get on eBay are fine for learning, but if you’ve got a spare bit of cash and want to treat yourself, then these are definitely not a waste of money.
i really love crochet and highly encourage everyone that thinks about doing it to JUST DO IT.  youtube is such a fantastic resource, and i’m always up for a train ride somewhere if anyone wants an afternoon of learning! 🙂
go pick up a hook!
(also check out the geeky hooker, another of my crochet-spiration!)

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