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it turns out tuesdays are the best rag market days…

hi everyone!

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet of late, my pretty-much-mother-in-law got married a couple of days ago and I’ve been spending lots of time with her making things like a table plan, 15 button holes, putting 50 favour bags together… you know, all that fun wedding craft! I loved it and it just makes me want to get married so I can make lots of lovely things for my future wedding! better wait for that proposal first though, eh!
so today I met up with Gemma, who I met through sewing related activity on Instagram probably about this time last year! she’s having a baby (yay!) and we went to the rag market to have a look to see if we could find some fabric so her and her mom can make curtains for the baby’s room.
obviously I had to indulge myself and buy some fabric too, and here are my spoils of the day…
first off it’s this gorgeous tartan (I love tartan, like absolutely love it). the print is really big (probably about a 12cm pattern repeat) and I’m really excited to make a dress out of it. I’m thinking it might be another colette laurel. OH WAIT. have you seen the new deer and doe patterns? there’s the most perfect dress for this that I’ve just remembered this second after I swooned over the new patterns this morning. yay!
then I got this jersey, which is really cute and I love it.
(excuse the creases.) it’s a tshirt weight fabric and that’s exactly what I’m going to make with it. I bought the Renfrew pattern aaaaages ago so I think I’m going to use that. or I might go for the plantain tshirt from deer and doe. oh god I see a MEGA theme here because the next lot of fabric I bought is going to be made into a deer and doe number too…
this beauty is a really really nice cotton. it’s probably a bit more burgundy than this picture shows, it’s really dreamy and I can’t wait to sew it up. this is the epitome of autumn fabric for me, it’s perfect.
I made the sureau dress probably about 18 months ago now and have been musing about making another. it’s either that, or the colette hawthorne.
well there’s the wrap up of my latest purchases! I’ve got a bit of a backlog of repairs at the moment that I’m doing for my aunty’s boyfriend so it might be another week until I’m back sewing.
until then I’ll let you muse about how much of a deer and doe fan girl I sound like in this blog post!
happy sewing!





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