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another colette laurel; the start of my autumn sewing.

hi everyone!

I’m using a new app to blog with because the wifi on my laptop is being completely unreliable, so I’m sorry if the formatting is off, I’m still making my way through the tutorial videos! also, typing on my iPad is more difficult than I thought it would be…!

so it’s a new dress but a pattern I’ve used a couple of times before for me to show you today.

I’ve made another colette laurel! oh what a surprise I hear you say! well this one is different. I was brave enough to make some fitting modifications, ooo! the laurels I’ve made in the past have been a little big around my neck line, quite gapey really. I want to take out the zip and adjust the back of my denim one; it’s on my to do list.

for this version, I took out approximately 5/8th of an inch from the front and back. this has worked really well and I’m really pleased with the fit!

I also changed the sleeves. there’s so much fullness to the sleeves in this pattern that I decided to make a feature of it instead of trying to smooth it all out. I’ve made a little pleat!

this gives the sleeve lots of structure and makes the dress look smarter. I think.

I made this using some fabric I got from my favourite rag market seller. I’ve previously posted about her when she just had lots of one/two/three metre off cuts. I went on Tuesday last week and she has EXPANDED. rolls and rolls of lovely fabric. it’s a real shame/definitely a good job that I only had £15 to spend! see what I bought in more detail here.

the fabric has a slight stretch to it, and is a waffle-like texture. I think it was £2.50 per metre.

I tried SO hard to match the pattern up exactly for the zip but it just wasn’t working out for me. this is the best it got.

I’m mostly irritated by the fact I can get this on and off without even using the zip so I didn’t even need to put it in! maybe I should take it out then I can re-sew the back seam and make it perfect… I think I might.

the sides match up pretty well, so my pattern matching wasn’t a complete failure haha.

I love this dress, although I think my fitting could definitely get better. however I’d always rather have the option to take it in than put all that time and effort in to make it too small!

the sleeves look super structured here!
I definitely think that this dress is too long for me. I know it doesn’t suit my short frame but I don’t want to turn it up because then I won’t have a blue hem, and that’s what I want. I’m sure I read somewhere that when you’re working with stripes or a pattern that you should always have a dark band at the bottom. hmm. I don’t know. if I turn it up to the next dark band then it will be too short. what’s a girl to do?!

it sounds like I don’t like the dress now I’ve written this; I definitely do! it’s the start of my autumn wardrobe and seeing as how autumn is my favourite time of year, I’m really happy that September is here!

see you soon!



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“another colette laurel; the start of my autumn sewing.”
  • I love your fabric! I've been on the hunt for a nice tartan for ages. The length look good in the pictures and fits in with the sophisticated vibe of the dress. Aa fellow short person I understand the need to get the length feeling comfortable and not making you look shorter!
    The sleeves look lovely and add some nice structure.
    I've been reading your blog for ages and I'm really excited to see you at the Simplicity Meet up and (finally) stop my lurker ways on your blog 🙂

  • This this is really lovely. I've made 5 Laurels up to now! Was actually looking at a tartan linen earlier for another iteration!
    I learnt after the first one that I don't need the zip, even after a narrow shoulder adjustment, so haven't bothered since.

  • Sorry, hit publish before I'd finished 🙂
    I'm only 5ft 2 (and hate my legs) so understand the length dilemma. As this is Autumn sewing, how about turning it up to the next blue band and wearing with navy tights?
    Not sure how many more Laurels you have planned, but I can highly recommend a scuba version. There is some lovely embossed scuba from abakhan that sews up like a dream x

  • aah that's so lovely, thank you! I've got just over a metre left if you want me to bring it to the meet up? there's definitely enough to make a top out of!
    I'm excited for the meet up, don't be a lurker, say hi!! 🙂

  • I should have left the zip out for sure! you're the third person I've heard that's left it out. when I adjust my denim one I'm definitely going take the zip out of this one too then just sew the back up so the pattern matches.
    I never ever go bare legs aside from in blog pictures so turning it up and wearing it with tights is a good shout!
    I might have a look into scubas, I like the structure they give to finished garments! 🙂 I don't feel so bad for churning out a few if you've got 5! 😉

  • It took me a few goes to get the fit right. They're not all in circulation anymore 🙂 I love how the fabric and changing the sleeves can make the same pattern look so different. I made a bonded lace one, pinched out the darts, shortened it and added fringe to the bottom. Always gets lots of compliments – though it annoys me as I'd not altered the shoulders so the neck is too wide.
    Scuba is definitely my fave up to now 🙂 x

  • oo wow that lace one sounds fancy! I love reusing the same pattern, I feel like I've got my money's worth! and as you say, with different fabric and tweaking the odd thing here and there, no one would ever know they're the same anyway!

  • Oh thank you so much! but I'ld feel bad about taking some of your fabric! Especially since I'm coming to the SewBrum meet up and (fingers crossed it's still there) buy some myself …and a whole heap of other fabric 🙂
    I'm slowly coming out to the online sewing world haha

  • Gorgeous dress! I would shorten it, I've never heard the dark band idea before.
    Interestingly my moneta is a bit gapey too and if I made another would definitely take some of the width out of the front and back. Possibly a colette thing? x

  • thanks lovely! i've just taken it up by about an inch and a half/2 inches. i might have just read someone saying "it looks better with dark band" who knows. i take a lot in but never remember where i've seen it haha.
    oh maybe if you've had the same thing! i quite often get gapey necklines, especially in wovens. i'm sure there's such thing as a hollow chest adjustment, maybe we should look into that! x

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