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sewing for my mother

hi everyone!
today i’ve got my first post about selfless-sewing for you to read.

it was my birthday in august so i took a week off work. i didn’t want to waste my days off and i fancied a day trip somewhere. i roped my term-time-working mom into going to chester with me so we could mooch around the city and visit abakhan fabrics!

we set off early-ish and as we drove into chester we spotted the shop straight away, but then by the time we’d wandered around (we may have indulged in a cake!) and some of the roman sight-seeing spots (which is all so interesting, i want to go back just for a history tour!) we found abakhan again.

i liked the shop, it was quite roomy, with a large habadashery upstairs and most of the dressmaking fabric downstairs.

i’m not ashamed to say i was mildly confused when we went downstairs – all the jersey (what we were after) was sold by the weight! what?! so we made enquiries with the ladies in there. i’m sure most people know but it turns out that it depending on what you picked out the baskets. there was lots of choice!

i was quite excited because my mom was as into the fabric shopping as i was! i was looking forward to sitting down and sewing with her, i was even going to let her loose on the overlocker… but she asked me if i would make them for her in the end haha. i’ve mentioned before that she’s helped me out with sewing queries as she used to make clothes herself, but she claims to be too busy. just like she’s too busy to work on the cross stitch she’s had going for 23 years!!!

i digress, on to the sewing. she liked the look of the grainline scout tees that i had made for myself, so that was the pattern she chose. in the end she picked four fabrics, so four tshirts was the order that she placed.
so here they all are! I managed to snap her wearing one of them while she was watering the flowers but the rest are all on hangers below.

this one is a light weight scuba fabric. really nice pattern on this one.

this one is a light tshirt jersey, nothing crazy.

this one is a heavier tshirt fabric, definitely better for winter wear. it’s pretty thick but nice to sew with.

the last one was the only woven fabric she chose.

it’s also the only one where i put a proper neckband on. i didn’t worry about it with the jersey fabric, i just folded the neckband down and topstitched around. i went round twice on two of them to make it look like they’d been double needle-d. they haven’t really because i can’t get on with that on my machine.

the shirts were really quick to whip up (as mentioned before in my post here) and she’s really pleased with the fit of the shirts. in fact, she told me she wore one to work yesterday and someone complimented her on it, and she revealed i had made it… let’s hope she had a proud mom moment!

this was the most we bought from chester. i bought some really really nice coloured tartan jersey but i’m so disappointed with the final result. i made a colette mabel skirt, but the fabric pattern must just be printed on to white jersey, because along all the stitching lines and when the skirt stretches, you can just see the white fabric straight through it. at least it didn’t cost much i suppose! won’t be wearing that much.
here’s a picture of the skirt. nice in the picture, not great in real life.

i’ve also been busy doing a repair job on a coat and turning some jeans up for my aunty’s boyfriend. we’ve got a sewing job for car fixing job kind of deal going. do you use your sewing to help you out anywhere in life?

now all my sewing for other people is done, i can get back on to all the things i cut out the other day. i’ve got a deer and doe sureau dress ready to go. i’ve also got a plantain tshirt cut and ready to sew too. things get done much faster if i pre-cut everything before i’m ready to sew!
see you soon!


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  • Thanks for the tip – I didn't know that jersey fabric was sold by weight and that shop is on my 'to visit soon' list. Great makes by you, your mom looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing your sureau soon.

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