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sureau dress mark 2

hi everyone,

i’m back today talking about my second version of the deer and doe sureau dress.

Photo 20150923180533905

i made my first one over a year ago now, and it’s still one of my favourite dresses.

i made this one with some fabric i got from the rag market, and i really love it. i love burgandy, mmmm.

the dress was easy enough to make up. i made some fitting adjustments to this one, but they haven’t paid off! 

Photo 20150923180534077

the bodice has really stretched out but i have absolutely no idea how. i’ve just put it in for wash and i’m hoping it will help fix it. 

Photo 20150923180534247

if not i’ll have to take it apart and take it in at the top. it’s just around the neck line that it’s does fit, which is a real shame because it fits really nicely everywhere else, it’s probably my best fitting garmet to date!

 Photo 20150923180534453

i haven’t got a lot more to say about it because the fitting issues have made me sad! maybe i’ll like it more after a wash.

fingers crossed!


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