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the new john lewis haberdashery

hi everyone!

on tuesday myself and my very good friend melody from work took the afternoon off to go around the rag market and the new john lewis haberdashery. 

i bought fabric and wadding to make myself a new ironing board cover (exiting, i know.  someone slow me down) and some buttons for a shirt i’m making for james. 

the main event of the day was john lewis, so i have taken lots of pictures to show those of you that may be thinking of taking a trip!

lots of nice things in for christmas!

so many zips and threads.  AND ALL THE PRYM ACCESORIES!  i have a bigger better picture to show you of that.  don’t worry internet, i got ya.

some more nice gift things, and then the CUTEST stools ever – cotton reels!  i told the ladies to stock them because i want to buy them.

SO MUCH WOOL.  also so many crochet hooks and knitting needles!

sewing machine selection….

and then fabric! 

overall i thought it probably functions best as an accessories department rather than a fabric buying department.  it’s obviously expensive (let’s face it, it’s john lewis) but if you’re in dire straits and need something desperately, it’ll be worth having around.  

the fabric selection wasn’t extremely varied and the store in solihull has more choice for fabric.  however from the pictures you’ll be able to see that there’s plenty of room for more which i’m certain will arrive in the coming weeks as the shop continues to develop.  

aah back to that prym wall… i did promise a bigger picture!

there’s basically every single prym accessory you could ever need!  it was all so organised and beautiful.  if you’ve got an OCD about neatly aligned sewing goods, it’s worth checking out.

worth a mooch if you’re around! 🙂


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