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bonjour fellow sewing fanatics,

i’ve alluded to this for a couple of weeks now – my dungaree dress!

i’m so pleased with it!

i used the delphine skirt pattern from tilly walnes book, love at first stitch.  hence; delphine-arees.

i made the skirt up as the pattern says, but before i put the waistband together, i sandwiched my bib (is it called that?!) and straps inbetween.

worst picture of the back of a garment ever.  whatever haha.

you can see i criss-crossed my straps.  to make sure they lie flat, i sewed them in at a diagonal.

in ALL of the pictures i took i had this weird crease in the bib.  i’m still unsure about how tight i need to do the straps.  i can get rid of the wrinkle by tightening the straps but then the skirt sits too far up, and makes the back waistband look far too big.

i didn’t originally plan to have a fold down top on the bib, but it turns out it came up far too high. 

top tip – if you’re going to make a dungaree dress, your boobs will distort the bib!  don’t make it try & go too high up over ’em!

as it turns out, i like the turn down and think it adds a bit more interest to the top.   maybe a pocket would have been good if there wasn’t any fold.  

the buttons were tricky to put on because of all the layers, but i hammered away (with the handle of my dressmaking scissors LOL) and succeeded eventually. i already had the buttons, but bought the strap clips from ebay.

looking at these i probably should have put heavy interfacing on the waistband, or at least trimmed my seam allowances more, but whatever, i’m happy enough with it!

so there you go, my new favourite outfit.

happy sewing! 


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