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making a new ironing board cover

bonjour internet!

i was saving this job for my week of annual leave which is swifly approaching but i thought i might as well get it out the way, free up the week for more fun things!

i bought my little ironing board from pound stretcher.  i needed a small ironing board because i sew mostly in my bedroom.  the space i’ve got is rather compact to say the least!  

however because i bought it from the cheapest shop ever, the ironing board cover was of such awful quality that i’ve been needing to get a new one, or buy a new one. 

it was so badly made!  

and so the task of making my own was born. 

i chose fabric from the rag market which has lots of dressmaking related items on it, apt. 

i finished the edges, turned it under once and then again for a second time. 

 i left a channel of about an inch so i could feel the string through. 

i bought a toggle from the market too.  my string was only 14p per metre, CHEAP!

i also bought some heat resistant wadding to pad it out with because there was the worst bit of crap foam stuff originally.  the only thing it’s been good for is the frame really haha!

so now i’ve got a fancy new ironing board cover that is definitely better than the old one.

it only took about an hour or so, worth doing if you fancy a change! 🙂

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