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negroni shirt for james

hey everyone!

i’ve finally finished james’s shirt!

i’ve wanted to make him this shirt for ages (it may or may not be because i wanted to know why everyone was raving about the sleeve plackets…) but i couldn’t find a fabric that i thought james would like. 

a couple of weeks ago i popped into guthrie and ghani for the pattern on my way home from a course i had to go on for work.  i bought the pattern and had a mooch at the fabrics, but didn’t see anything james would like.  so i thought i’d swing by barry’s on the way home from moseley and i ended up buying two lots of fabric.

it was either this cotton linen mix, or a light weight denim.  he went for this one because it is super soft!

i found it pretty tricky to cut or do anything with this fabric because it was such a loose weave.  i cut it out but once i started sewing the pockets i knew i was going to have to do something to help myself out.  just so i could make a start on the sewing, i interfaced the pocket flaps and i think they look crisp and smart so i’m not annoyed i had to do that!

i left the shirt until i had got a chance to go to asda to buy some spray starch.  i’d read about it online and knew it might help with the fraying and the shifting so i gave it a go.  

the starch really helped me, it was definitely worth buying.

i made the shirt over several sessions.  i really didn’t want to rush it! when i’m making things for other people i don’t take shortcuts.

here it is, james’ blog debut!  

i hunted him down before he went out to football training haha.

i’m calling this shirt an “on the hanger” success.  it’s not a real success when it’s on him.

I PUT THE BUTTONS ON THE WRONG SIDE FOR A START!  you can tell because the loop is on the right side… haha.

also the sleeves (as you can see) are miles too big!  would you believe i already took 3 inches off the length of them?!  there’s a lot of excess we could pinch out next time.

the chest fits well and i like the length on him too.  if i make another one for him, i’ll pick a more stable fabric and do more regular fittings as i’m going along.  it’s difficult to fit it as we don’t live together, so i can’t just bug him to stand while i pin it in place.  

demonstrating the “real” way to roll sleeves up!  

the good bits that i’m proud of are the collar and the plackets.  definitely the plackets.  i know why everyone raves about them now; the instructions are extremely clear, and you get such a clean, professional finish from them.

mmmm plackets

i don’t know why i’ve specified those as my favourites, because i’m actually really proud of my work on it.  it’s just a shame it doesn’t fit him perfectly!  

who knows why the centre is popping off to one side!  this shirt baffles me.

i’m not as unhappy as i thought i would be with the fit issues, but i know i made this shirt to increase my skill set as well as james getting something out of it, so it’s served one purpose at least!  

i think he might be able to get the most wear out of it with the sleeves rolled up and with it undone over a tshirt or something.  

i’m going back to making things for myself next time!!!

happy sewing!


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