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simplicity blog video

hey internet!

you may remember i mention at the end of my simplicity blog post that i said i’d done a little video interview about the day & sewing.

so i present to you, said video.

listen to that brummy accent.  bet you didn’t know “zip” could sound so accented!

the shirt I’m wearing is the grainline archer I made a little while ago.

it was a really fun day, i would snap up the opportunity to go again!

in making news, i’ve almost finished the negroni shirt for james, so i’ll corner him for some pictures and blog about that over the weekend hopefully! 

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  • Love your accent 🙂 I’m from Canada so I cannot distinguish between location accent subtleties I just love all the UK accents 🙂 I’m glad you are out there encouraging more young women to get involved in sewing – it is fun and the community is different than most other hobby groups – very supportive and helpful with advice that isn’t at the same time critical. I spoke with a young client yesterday (28 years) who just bought herself an old Singer sewing machine and is just starting out to make her own clothes. I was so excited for the amazing journey ahead for her.

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