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stylish dress book – dress E

hello friends!

i’m showing off my latest favourite make; dress E from the stylish dress book – wear with freedom book (found on amazon here).

i made this from a super light weight denim which i bought from barry’s, i think it was £6ish a metre. it’s a lovely indigo, although the colour transferred to my finger nails as i was working with it!  plenty of colour catchers when this goes in the wash!

i traced the pattern and added all the seam allowances, and the only thing i did wrong was to make a complete rookie mistake and added seam allowance to the fold edges… duh.  never mind.  at least i added them to all the pieces so it matched up!

the only thing it affected was that i had to pinch out some more on the middle to get the pleats even.

i was unsure what size to trace as there’s quite a big of difference between the sizes, but because it’s so loose fitting i just based it off my bust measurement.

i am actually beyond happy with this dress.  it’s everything i would choose in RTW, denim and pockets are my favourite combination!

i’m not normally one to brag, but i am feeling pretty smug about my top stitching on this bad boy.

i used my stitch in the ditch foot, lined it up with the edge of my fabric and moved my needle all the way over to the left.  

as well as the unbelievable cute pleat detailing at the front, it’s got this gathered back too.  

all the patterns in this book are drafted for people 160cm tall, which i think is around 5’2″.  i’m 5’4″ and didn’t change the length.  i think i’m okay with it, and with black tights it’s fine.  

i love how this fits me across the shoulders.  there’s a tad of gaping on the back – but i did manage to add seam allowance to the fold so when i make it again that will be eradicated and i think it will be peeeeerfect!

also here’s my new winter boots.  i never wear longer boots but i’m hoping i get into wearing them.  i feel a bit self conscious in them, like i’m going horse riding or something haha!

 i was going to use gold thread but i’ll be honest and say i started sewing and forgot to change my thread from when i made james’ shirt haha!  grey looks nice anyway and keeps it pretty understated.

to finish it off, i hemmed it twice as i fancied something different.

the instructions in the book weren’t complicated but they don’t hold your hand by any means.  it’s a good one to tackle because the overall making of the dress is not complicated, it just doesn’t say more than it needs too.

i would definitely make more of this dress, maybe treat myself to a bit of liberty for a summery version (heads up birmingham dwellers/visitors, there’s a seller in the rag market in the outside bit that has a LOT of liberty at the moment for £8 per metre!) but i’d love to make a heavier wool version for the winter.  i might make it sleeveless, make the arm holes wider, and then i’d be able to wear long sleeve tops underneath it. 

i’ve defintely sold that to myself now – might have to keep an eye out for something nice at sewbrum. anyone going to that?   i can’t wait!  charlotte did such an amazing job last year and it looks like the raffle prizes are even better this year!  

happy sewing! 

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